Getting to do what you love? Providing for your loved ones? What does success mean to you? Below you’ll find perspectives from some of the city’s best and brightest.

Renee Cottrell | Writer & Young Professional

To be frank, I never really thought much about defining success, because to me it was never quite that tangible. I always thought success was something just out of my reach, and I would just know what it was when I got “there.” Until one day, when I was driving two of my younger friends to buy snacks before we headed out to a picnic at the river. These girls were not much younger than me; by two, maybe three years. I had met them while working at a ranch during my second year of college as a side gig, and we had bonded over our love of animals and the long, hot days in the Texas sun. Both were in high school, and had amazing personalities, as well as passion for their respective hobbies of horseback riding and dance. Read more>>

Randi Poullard | Studio Manager Lifetime Athletic Greenstreet

Success to me is knowing your vision and chipping away at it everyday. Some days are very impactful, and other days there may be obstacles that challenge me on my journey. I choose everyday to have a positive impact on the human experience. That may be uplifting a family member or connecting to my students before, during and after teaching. Helping others connect to their best self, and challenging them to think with a different perspective that they may have not thought of before. Read more>>

Aubrey Hutchins | Master Breeder

Perfect Paw Pups defines success maybe a little different than others. Success for us is being able to do what we love and seeing the happiness we bring to all the new Perfect Paw Pups Parents. 1. Finding Perfect matches and homes for our Beautiful MalShi babies 2. The excited daily feedback on our niche marketing efforts that allows new Perfect Parents to be present from Birth through Pickup with our daily Pics and Videos for our adopting Moms and Dads. 3. Earning a 5 Star written recommendation from our m new Perfect Moms and Dads. Read more>>

Harry Zamora | Business Owner

In my opinion, success is something relative to each individual aspiring to achieve their dreams. An old friend once told me that we had achieved success in our police career. It made me think for a minute, and I said, but we are leaving this job, retiring after thirty years. Success to me is finding a career or job that you enjoy doing and looking forward to working each day no matter what life brings you. You cannot envision yourself without it. If you achieve this place in life no matter how early into the career or job, you have achieved success. Because if you can make a living doing what you enjoy, you are not really working, but living. At that point, you have achieved success. It’s not about how much money you make, but about how much happiness, self worth and enjoyment your job brings you. That to me is success. Read more>>