Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Bobby Enloe | Rancher & Band Member

Enjoying what I do every day. Read more>>

Jackson Smalling | Mobile Car Wash Owner & REALTOR®

There are many factors that I could credit for the success of my business, but the most important factor would have to be my customers. I have the most supportive and loyal customer base in the world, and I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Most of my new customers come from referrals that I have gotten from long-time customers. The tremendous support of my customers has been the most important factor behind my success, and it has helped me grow my business rapidly. Read more>>

Shamari Banks | Founder & Educator

Success for myself and my business is measured in the impact my brand has on our community. Read more>>

Sonali Patel Anisha Gupta | C0-Founders

We started off wanting to share our love for Bollywood dance with the Houston community and it just sort of spread! People were really interested in dancing and learning with us and this just fueled our excitement to choreograph, teach, and dance even more. We opened our business during the COVID-19 pandemic because we truly believed that people needed a sense of community at this time more than ever and we wanted to provide an outlet for people to have a sense of community and stay happy and healthy during these stressful times. Transitioning to Zoom classes made it possible to offer our classes nationwide and, even worldwide! It was also important for us to support those in need on a larger scale as well so we decided to make it a T2 mission to donate proceeds to a different charity every month. Read more>>

Dionicio y Alma Fernandez | A&B Woodshop

Love for our family. We are true believers that the love for our family can move mountains, being able to give your family, your children or your partner a better life will always make you do your best, not only in your daily performance but also taking your brand to another level gives you personal satisfactions that are also reflected in the family environment. Read more>>

Martel Matthews | Cannabis Hemp and Tech Entrepreneur

The Good Feeling Hemp’s team of professionals are the most important factor behind the success of our brand. Each person on our team brings their own unique and qualified expertise. Finding and cultivating the right team atmosphere has allowed us to create operational systems and SOPs that promote open door policy, open communication, and a collaborative environment. Our team includes Ian Terry (COO), Ronald Denmon (Chief Strategy Officer), Diamond Hopkins (Co-owner), Destiny Love (Creative Director), Stephen Wilson (Graphic Designer), Scott Escobar (Business Operations Manager), Rula Safarrini (Marketing Specialist) and myself (Martel Matthews – CEO). Read more>>

DKEELA | Rap Artist & Songwriter

The most important factor is having a team that believes in you. When you have other people that believes in your dream just as much as you do you don’t want to let them down therefore you push harder. Read more>>

Don Jeanes | Actor

Attrition. Being an actor, you have to maintain a steady pursuit of work not for days, weeks, months, or even years but decades. Showing up and turning in consistent work over multiple decades is the way to succeed in this industry. Read more>>

Tamika K. Cross, MD | Author | Physician | Entrepreneur

Persistence. In life we all go through trials and tribulations and the pathway to success is never straight. Despite the obstacles or challenges thrown my way, persistence in pursuing my dreams was the most important factor. Regardless of wanting to give up several times, I had to keep pushing through those tough times. Read more>>

Dominica Briscoe | Designer and Owner of 3 Degrees Runway

I’m still defining what success is in my career as a designer for my leather boutique, 3 Degrees Runway. This may sound cliché, but once I started being authentically me, allowing my personality to show in my designs, and sharing the positive feedback & interactions with my customer base; business has been on the rise. To a few, my bubbly personality can come off as extra but it’s not the case. I am a colorful individual and get excited over the smallest of things and I want to share my excitement. Allowing my energy to come off naturally opened the flood gates of design ideas and how I will expand the business. People will buy from a brand they trust and will refer a company based on good quality and customer service. All of this is connected to being authentically me. Read more>>