Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Damien Hill | Barber and Recording artist

Definitely consistency in the product and service that I provide. Read more>>

Shakelia “Keke” Ausbie | Fitness/Twerk Instructor & BCBA

The most important factor behind my success was being transparent and seeking the attention of people that were not my friends or family and those people I completely did not know and they didn’t know me. This allowed me to be creative and also gave me insight on areas I could improve withing myself. Read more>>

Joshua Trundle | Self Published Author, Fitness Professional & The Entrepreneur’s Coach

Success is subjective. I feel like everyone defines success differently. To me success is the impact you have as well as how happy you are. With that being said I owe my success to multiple contributors. My parents who each play a significant role in what makes me who I am today, My friends, family and mentors who constantly speak life into me, put me in positions to continue to grow personally as well as professionally and support everything I have going on. Lastly I have to say I play one of the biggest roles because of my resiliency, simply having the vision and willingness to bet on myself. Read more>>

Jacquelyn Eadie | Executive Director

The most important factor behind our success and the success of our brand is that we keep our community at the forefront. We have 6 areas of focus with Project Increase and each one addresses a direct need of the community the success of the brand is just a byproduct of our passion for the work Read more>>