We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Pawan Singh | Photographer in Katy/West Houston

Since from my childhood, I have been fascinated by nature and its beauty: the colors and the spaces, the harmonious and the dramatic, the big living creatures and the tiny microscopic organisms. I used to watch discovery channel for hours and hours and I wonder how much efforts people might have put who works behind putting one great documentary. And I wanted to be like them and share the beauty of nature with everybody. So you can say I am fully inspired by Nature and its beauty and Photography has been one of the most powerful tool to accomplished this. I do shoot portrait as well, because shooting people needs another level of creativity. Read more>>

Emilie Duval | Visual Artist

When I create a painting, an installation or a video, I am inspired by the complexity of our societies and how they are shaping the future. I work on theoretical concepts defined by research and observation nurtured by current news, philosophy and socio-economical thinking. Read more>>

Carole JURY | Artist | Abstract Painter

Photography is the main source of my artistic inspiration. It is the visuals that I took who are at the heart of each of my series, of my works. These photographs may or may not be recent. Sometimes I go through my albums looking for a shot that I would have lost. They are, most frequently, part of those already destined to become a painting at their birth. I have been building these albums for at least twenty years, depending on walks, trips, situations or emotions. They are always there in memory and flourish when they are exposed. Photography was my first passion. From the film camera to digitizing images, I kept playing with the lights, the fades and the depths. It’s a self-taught game, of course, that has been refined over the years. I love this instrument which manages to reproduce, to transcribe, to memorize what my eye wants to continue to love. Read more>>