We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

TerRe’ Camille | Independent Business Owner, Photographer, Aspiring International Policy Advisor, & Military Veteran

Inspiration can be derived from multiple aspects of life such as from mentors, parents, teachers, creators/inventors, or even a well-placed compliment. However, my inspiration source comes from my egregious dream of owning a city. With so many steps and working parts needed to build a city such as land acquisition, infrastructure development, and investors my source of inspiration shall not be depleted easily. I aspire to create a rich and prosperous city, one where the way of living is unlike any of its kind and natural scenery that is bound to attract the most beautiful of creatures. I want to bring back authenticity to cities, a place not solely worried about the ever-day optics of government agenda, but instead the advancement of culture and the praise of individuality. I have fostered this dream for over 6 years and with each passing year I can see it coming to fruition, and that’s what inspires me. Read more>>

Dr. Stephanie Oguchi | Author and Occupational Therapist

I am inspired by the people I meet who share their stories about the kids in their lives who have been bullied because of their differences. As I hear their stories, I can relate to the emotions during and after ridicule which inspires me to continue sharing my stories about loving yourself and being kind to others. Read more>>

Toyosi Osinowo | Lifestyle Vlogger, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Life and the human experience as a whole inspires me. Everyday I endeavor to engage God to help me see inspiration as live on a day to day basis. I am inspired by my interactions with people, observation of nature, the celebration of milestones, and so much more! So much beauty and greatness can be birthed from life experiences and encounters and I wholeheartedly embrace it all. Read more>>

Deborah Deleon | Creative, Dancer, Blogger & Business Owner

I am inspired by many people. But if I had to choose one person, I would hands down say my dad: Rene Pineda. On August 31, of 2020, my father passed away. My entire world stopped. Reflecting on his life and how he raised me, it was clear how blessed I was to have him in my life. My dad wore many hats. Not only was he a loving father, amazing husband, and phenomenal son but he did so much more outside of his roles as a man. He was a musician from a very young age. He played the bass, the guitar, the piano and he sang as well. With these gifts and talents he made two Spanish worship albums by the name of “Este Momento es Especial” and “Dios Nunca se Olvida”. (Translation: “This Moment is Special” and “God Never Forgets”.) Both written and produced in times of hardships in his life but knowing that God was with him through it all. In the midst of these accomplishments, he had his full time career as an IT and even had a business on the side with computers as well. Read more>>

DIALTONE | Simply Built Different

For me, it’s the ability to put out music that others can relate to and being able to express ourselves through our art. It’s a very intoxicating and fulfilling feeling knowing that people out there can relate to our music. KM: I am inspired by powerful women in music and their ability to shift the tables in a once male-dominated area. As a queer woman, I love watching people break down barriers and embrace their natural self. This is why I love raw, emotional music. NF: Giving our listeners the same feeling we get when listening to our favorite artists. Putting out art that others can relate to is the reason we started this band. It feels great hearing when someone appreciates our music. MA: I’m inspired by many things, but mainly inspired by my band mates. All of us come from different music backgrounds, and being able to put all of our inspirations together for one end goal makes it very the process worth it. Read more>>