We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Willie Tarver III | High End Custom Home Designer ( Architect)

The first would have to be Jesus. It was the Holy Sprit himself who told me to step out on faith, trust him and leave my old firm to start my own company. My faith is very important to me with regards to how I operate. I trust and believe in my heart that if the Holy Spirit tells me to do a certain thing, he will lead and guide me through it and will not let me fail. The second factor would have to be determination. So much of a companies success is based on how dedicated the the owner is to making things happen. This also comes into play when things do not go as planned or when people tell you to quit or implement option B. When you have determination there is no option B or option of quitting. Running a successful business is not about immediate satisfaction of success. It is about how many times you fail or get punched in the mouth by life and can get back up. Read more>>

Rachel Barrera & Terri Booser | Drapery Designer & Fabricators

Quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service are equally important factors behind our success. They work better as a team just like we do.! We each have over 25 years of business and fabrication knowledge. We understand the quality of our products is equally important as the relationship we develop with our clients, In a small business word of mouth is your best friend. That is why you have to focus as much on customer service as you do high quality products. Read more>>

Candy Joya | Realtor

First let me say, I feel as if I have not reached my full potential of success. For me, success is something that is on going and is never a final destination; well at least in my opinion. I come from a long line of strong women; some of whom were business owners. The one common denomination that they all shared that I feel was instilled in me would be ambition. No matter how high or low I’ve been in life, it’s my ambition that drives me and keeps me aiming to be a better version of myself daily. Once I have my mind set on something nothing stands in my way. Read more>>

Crystal Steers | Life Change Facilitator for Healing and Happiness

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my business has been my authenticity. I am a human who fails regularly. I’m someone who changes and grows daily in my life and showing people that I am not perfect (because none of us are) helps me to connect on a human level with everyone. We live in a world right now that puts a large focus on how we should have everything figured out and know exactly what we want in life. The truth of the world we live though is that most of us don’t have all the answers and finding them can be a long and messy road. Showing that as part of my journey and my growth has helped me connect to people because they see that we are all struggling to find our happy places. We are all figuring out life and what we want so it feels far less isolating when you see other people are in the same place as you. Read more>>

D The Business | Rapper, Actor, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Agent

The most important factor behind my success as a music artist, serial entrepreneur, actor and real estate agent is believing you can do anything you want by manifestation of the mind, taking consistent action towards those beliefs, not giving up and ultimately knowing your why. I would like to also factor in the mentorship of my cousin hip hop mogul Master P who helped instill my mogul mindset. Read more>>