We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Doris & Daniel Paniagua | Content Creaters

As a husband and wife team we believe the foundation of our company is to build relationships. We take pride in getting to know our clients and their needs so they feel comfortable and confident while creating content. We choose to champion their names in crowded rooms, engaging in both personal and business social media. We also support the causes they are involved in or financially invest in their services/products they offer. Read more>>

Big Talk Big Game | Podcast

The Big Talk Big Game podcast is all about interacting with the people. Our success is directly tied to our people, our culture, what we call our “Game Changers”! Our brand is unfiltered, engaging, and fun. We enjoy talking about any topic and putting everybody up on game. We’re easy to talk to and open to all ideas, we keep it funky and entertaining and shy away from no topic. Read more>>

Adan Avila | Fashion Designer & Creative Director

The most important factor to my success is learning to trust. With a rocky childhood you grow up thinking everyone is out to do you wrong. In the process of me understanding my own standing in my business and my industry. I started to collaborate with industry professionals and some who showed me not everyone is out to help you. I met people that I worked very well together and learned to trust and created art! Read more>>

Money Making Sace | Founder of Loose Screw Mafia Records

Being authentic. When I was younger I would think success meant having lots of money, having that dream car, and being played on the radio. Now I look at success completely different. Nothing materialistic really matters, it’s all about how you truly feel about yourself. When you actually like what your putting out, it shows through your brand. Loose Screw Mafia in 4. Read more>>

Jordan Wang | Owner & Creator

The most important factors behind the success of Flowe will be one of two things. Consistency being the first that is the foundation to my business. Consistency in everything! We are continuous in education, building each other up, positivity and most importantly taking care of our clients that walk through the door. The second factor behind success is teamwork. Teamwork is one of the single most important keys to growing and evolving in any business. Without my team, I don’t have the same purpose as I would if I were on my own. Our team is the heart to Flowe Studio. Read more>>

Sherrie Handrinos | President, Boost 1 Marketing

The most important factor to my success, personally, is relationships. I have met and worked with some of the most amazing people over the past 15 years and when you are able to really get to know someone, not only does it make it easier to work with them, but you have a deeper connection than just a business to business or client relationship. Some of my clients are truly family, they know I care about their brand and treat it as my own, I pride myself on building organic, real and lasting relationships. Read more>>

Camecia Clark | Licensed Professional Counselor

The most important factor behind my success is GOD. The thought of being a therapist and helping people in my community was not an idea that I came up with on my own, I actually ran away from being a therapist for years. But no matter how hard I ran or what other careers I attempted to get into I was not happy nor was I living in my GOD given purpose until I became a therapist. The success of my brand came from asking myself what would I like in a therapist and that has allowed me much success with my clients. It not easy for African Americans to be transparent in therapy or to even go to therapy, therefore I had to show them that I was human and be a non-judgemental party in their healing process. Read more>>