Parenting is an incredibly important responsibility and so we wanted to get a conversation going with input from parents in the community.  We asked them: what is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent?  We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Tori Lorraine | Photographer

I feel like the most important thing I’ve done to impact my children is I’ve gathered up my courage and found a career that I’m passionate about: Photography. I am a mom of 3, but I was also a lot of other things before I took the risk in becoming a full time photographer. I was good at a lot of jobs, but they were only “jobs”. They didn’t make me eager to start the work day. It wasn’t until I decided to muster up the courage to go all-in and pursue photography as a career. Read more>>

Robin Audi | Personal Stylist and Boutique Owner

The most important thing I have done as a parent is shown my son that with hard work, determination, and a solid foundation, you are able to achieve your goals. It brings me so much joy that I’m able to stay home with my son and still work. When I started my business, quitting my teaching job and staying home was my goal. I wanted to be a present mom and create a strong bond with him. Read more>>

Kensy Suazo | Photographer

For me like a mother the most important think I’ve done is show and try to teach to my daughter don’t be afraid to take decisions…. Life is about decisions and moving constantly even if we feel fear. Best things always happen if you are brave and is better for me moving and do something for me or for my business than to sit up and wait while I’m thinking It could be a good opportunity? Read more>>

Yvette Perret | Photographer

I’m a mother of two teenagers! My daughter Felicity is 17 and my son Justin is 14. My husband Frank and I have always taught them to be respectful. Respect yourself and others. We have always prepared them for hard work. Things are not given to you but earned in this world. The look in your child’s eyes when they accomplish something on their own is priceless! We have taught our children to be independent, yet family oriented. I hope and pray one day they teach their own children the same values. Read more>>

Alexey Koyfman | Photographer and Videographer

I think that the biggest impact on my son was for him to be able to see me in a different light than his father. That opportunity came when I became his basketball coach. Basketball is a team sport and I have never played a team sport. Since I am an introvert, I love meditation sports like surfing and lifting weights. Every now and then I play pickup basketball. Coaching a team sport for boys was a challenge. But I do love a challenge! I decided to coach basketball when I signed up my six-year-old son to play basketball. Read more>>

Nikol Gamble | Escape Room Owner & PhD Student

Parenting isn’t for the faint, that’s for sure. But the most important thing I’ve done as a parent , has been affirming my daughters strength, beauty and smarts. It’s because of these affirmations that she stands so boldly at only 5 years old. And when challenges arises as a business owner, she is quick to remind me that I too am, fearless, bold, kind, beaufitul, smart and resilient. Just like that, I’m reminded that I’ve done at least one thing right. Read more>>

Shelly Lee | Christian Inspirational author and Owner of Pen.Paper.Publish.

I have raised my children into 2 wonderful adults with the help of God and my mother. I believe raising my children to believe in and serve God is the most important thing I have done as a parent to impact my children. Being a single parent was never my choice but it was my circumstance. I took them to Sunday School and church. I told them to always depend on God. God will direct your path. I have instilled in them to seek Him for He knows the path that is planned for us. Read  more>>

Demetrius (Deacon) Johnson | Motivational Music Storyteller

The most important thing I could’ve done or (better yet) am doing as a parent is equip my children. More specifically with knowledge, practicality and most importantly the word of God. Growing up, my mother didn’t have a lot of materialistic things to give my sisters and I. But what she did arm us with was how to go to the source of all things. That coupled with a little grit and some determination allowed my wife and I to reach levels of accomplishment, at an earlier stage of adulthood, than she ever did. Read more>>

Xochitl Flores | Mother & Artisan

As a parent of two special needs boys, the most important thing I have ever done that has created an impact is to move forward with their strengths and never give any “weakness” a chance. All of the art that is made by anyone of us comes from the heart. My boys’ art is unknown and I say unknown because some of the art is abstract and could be created out of a feeling or a memory. Some of the other art comes from what they enjoy. We are still small as a business and particularly because “business “ for us has become more of a lifestyle. Read more>>

Tasha Baggett | Owner, Team Jemini Designs

I’m sure they would probably disagree but I’ve really tried to let them explore who they are and encourage their interests. Although creativity was appreciated in my family, it was DEFINITELY not considered a “real job”. Since I’ve started my business and had the opportunity to immerse myself in creativity I really understand what kind of kid I was and wish that someone would have encouraged me earlier. Read more>>