We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Victoria Galloway | Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Spontaneity. Creating freely and seeing what becomes of my own thoughts and ideas. Being able to create an emotional connection through design allows me to be passionate about what I do. Storytelling. Not running away from the bad ones and always sharing the good ones. People want to know the magic behind your story and art helps others stories to be shared. Other things that make me happy are: Good coffee.Sunny days.Beach swims.Meals shared. Dogs.Fresh Linen.Natural light. Adventures with loved ones.Snow. Read more>>

Anne Genung | Artist

Being around people that are creative & passionate about making things. I find it contagious. Read more>>

Yves Goyatton | Sculptor

Art makes me happy, and so does the process of creating my artwork.  The experience of creating a new piece from start to finish is full of ups and downs. It’s a mix of passions, challenges and endless possibilities – and all of this brings such joy into my life. Although the process is often long, studious and frustrating, it is also exciting, uplifting and fulfilling. Such is the paradox of life! For me personally, over the years I have found that it’s actually through the hard times of the creation process that I learn and grow the most. This experience has taught me perseverance and tenacity, and to never give up. I believe that art is a mirror… a statement of our existence and our culture. It is an interpretation of my existence, and it is an interpretation of human existence. This visual language that is art brings great happiness to my own personal life. Read more>>