We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Summer Stout | Owner of Salty Bee Cookie Co.

In terms of my business, I love when a client gives me a theme and lets me have creative freedom. There is a challenge that comes with limited direction, it is almost like solving a puzzle. When I finish a set where I am given creative freedom, I feel so proud to give the cookies to the client or show them to my family. I also have so much joy when a client sends me a video of their 3 year old dancing and eating his robot cookie or when a funeral home worker laughs as I give her a crazy funeral home set. Seeing that a little butter, powdered sugar, flour, and love can make someone smile makes me happy. Read more>>

David Downing | Co-Founder & CEO of ChipMonk Baking

Getting stuff done makes me happy. From the other perspective, sitting around, ideating, analyzing, and discussing things for long periods of time without actually DOING something makes me unhappy. When presented with a challenge or problem, I like to get moving and take a first step even if that means the step is in the wrong direction. This is both a strength and a weakness for me. Taken to its extreme, my desire to do things equates to impatience. I try to balance this out by listening to my team, my mentors, and my loved ones. They’ll often encourage me to take a breath and step back for a moment to make sure I’m not totally going down the wrong path. It’s challenging, but the more I’ve experienced the more I’ve been able to balance patience with action. Read more>>

Terrence Ray | Musician & Visual Artist

The best feeling in the world to me is when I create something I didn’t know I was capable of. There’s been so many times where I’ve made a beat or written a song that I felt exceeded my expectations at the time. Also the same thing with videos and visual work, just being able to step back and say “wow, I can’t believe I made this” is the greatest source of happiness for me. Read more>>