“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Saedi McLaughlin | Intuitive Creator & Spiritual Guide

One principle that has really altered my perception and made an impact on the execution of my goals is the principle of being present. There is nothing more rewarding than to be truly in the moment only focusing on what is currently on your plate and just simply enjoying the process. We often get so caught up in what coming up next or are worried about past experiences that we fail to enjoy the current moment which is always a gift to us. This principle also reminds me that everything is happening in divine time and these things are happening for me not to me. So when I step in and be present the only thing left for me to focus on is just experieiencing happiness in that current moment. As an Intuitive creator it is important for me to maintain a certain state of being so that I can receive the information needed for my next project Read more>>

Mayor David Joshua | Entrepreneur & Business Owner

When it comes to values, integrity matters to me the most. It may sound like a fancy word because it is the core of every relationship I have built – Personally and professionally. Doing what I say I will do is very important to me. I would not say yes when I am unsure – because my word is my bond. When people value your honesty, they become vulnerable and less scared to deal with you. Read more>>

Natalie Trivibulchaikul | CEO & Founder of T15 Marketing & Media

Happiness. I grew up in a strict, abusive, low-income household. My father worked nights and my mom worked two jobs at 18 hours a day. I knew they worked hard to get food on the table for us and I thought thats what life was. After a conversation with my parents at the age of 12, I told my parents I wanted to be a robot. That way I can be incredibly efficient, make a lot of money and do not have to be sad. They realized at that moment, how their lifestyle choice was effecting my growth, and told me that what was truly important was my happiness. They told me that there is only one life that I get to live and if I wasn’t happy, then make a change. Read more>>

DeElva Dash | Apparel Creator & Photographer

The life principle that I have adapted and live by is “speak positive thoughts”. We all know that there is power in the tongue and the things you speak over you life will always come to life. You know speak those things as if they were and they will come true…*don’t know if I quote that correctly*, but I do know that whenever I speak somethings over my life it definitely has come to pass (good or bad). It’s honestly the power of manifestation you speak those great things over your life and watch your life transform in front of your eyes. Speak good things and watch good things come. Read more>>