“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Ernesto Vega | Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Composer, Educator

Honesty, Honesty promotes openness, empowers us and enables us to develop consistency in how we present the facts. Honesty sharpens our perception and allows us to observe everything around us with clarity. Read more>>

Debbie Richards | Doctor of Social Work and Licensed Administrator

Integrity, Empathy and Respect matter are values that matter most to me. Read more>>

Avina | Singer & Songwriter

A value that matters the most to me not only in my career, but also in my personal life is Patience. I’ve learned by experience that things will come at the right time and when they are meant to be. That is the reason why Patience plays an important role in my life. Read more>>