We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Eboni Lewis | Fashion Influencer

Many people romanticize being a social media influencer and think that we just take pretty pictures. Others believe that influencers are the most confident, outgoing and social people in society. In actuality, similar to myself, there are a large amount of influencers who are introverted and who often challenge themselves to stay consistent and prevalent. All influencers do not enjoy producing content every single day, but it is a business and that strategy is proven to be the most lucrative. Read more>>

Brittany Lau | Videographer & Content Creator

I think the number one thing outsiders are unaware of is how much work and manpower actually goes into a production. With any type of content creation, people tend to only see the finished product and assume the 5-10 minutes that make up the video is all it took to execute it when in actuality there is an entire pre-production phase happening prior with days, weeks, and even months invested from several crew members. Read more>>

Brian Ingram | Bass Guitar (Rooftop Boxer)

Being a local musician is fun. We get to be on a stage, play music, and watch people sing and dance along with us. However, the time spent on stage playing live is a small percentage of the total time spent being in a band. We have to market ourselves, promote shows, create shows, make merchandise, and record music. We invest many hours into practice time (together and at home separately) in order to put on a show, and that takes time and money. We do it because we are passionate about creating music together and being able to share it with our fans. We have to find the perfect work/life/hobby balance. Read more>>