Starting a business is a commitment and requires dedication, resources and sacrifice. We asked some of the rising stars in our community how they thought through the idea of starting their own businesses.

Maegan Turner | Luminare Life Founder & Stress Management Coach

Living with chronic stress and overwhelm can steal the joy out of life. In fact, this was my reality for several years. As a child and young adult, my experiences shaped me to mature quickly. Whether it was coping with a parent’s drug addiction, working full-time while going to college part-time for 7 years to earn a bachelor’s degree, experiencing divorce at 26-years-old, or landing a demanding career as a corporate communicator, I have felt the pain that comes along with being able to barely hang on from one day to the next. Read more>>

Logan Vaden | Founding Artistic Director of The Garden Theatre

In Houston we are so lucky to have an incredibly robust arts scene. Even with the impressive amount of art Houston produces, there still is much demand for more. Many of my friends and colleagues are labeled “semi-professional.” This is a term used for artists that are definitely talented enough to be creating art at a high level, but there just isn’t enough work to go around, so they have day jobs to supplement their income. Read more>>

Tammi Taylor | Scientist & CEO of Hair Luxury Company

Tammi: For me growing up seeing my mom own her own business and being successful I knew I wanted to have my own business also. When I lost my job back in 2012 I knew that was the time for me to start my own business. I opened a boutique from Dec 2012-Dec 2017. I knew I never wanted to depend on 1 income so by my boutique being around 2 hair salons and 1 barbershop. I created the name Hair Luxury Company in 2014 and decided instead of selling hair, I will create hair products to help maintain a healthy scalp for natural luxurious hair. Read more>>

Kelly Hamburg | Head Honcho

It was kind of an accident. When I first started in the design field, I was asked the age old question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I answered what I thought everyone would; “Have my own design agency!” But I got deeply ingrained in the corporate design world. I spend over 20 years, doing graphic design for Foley’s, Stage Stores (parent company of Palais Royal) and ad agencies getting to work on all kinds of projects and major brands learning all the different hats of marketing. Print Design, Art Direction, Still Art Direction, Digital Design, Design Management, etc. Read more>>

Selina Ramirez | Nutritionist, M.S.

Growing up, I really struggled with food. I knew I had bad habits but didn’t know how to correct them. I made every mistake I could while trying to figure out my own nutritional needs. Once I finally figured it out, I began to take my health seriously and took on a whole new fitness routine. At the time, I was a high school teacher and saw students making all the same mistakes I had made. I knew they didn’t understand nutrition, the same way I hadn’t. Read more>>

Shanta Eaden | Enterprise Change Executive

I started my own business to affect the type of change I want to see. Organizations have powerful strategies and many times they do not have the resources and/or capacity to execute them. This includes the areas of DEI and business-enablement technology & operational processes. Without the proper alignment and execution, the workforce and the organization doesn’t reap the benefits of the changes. Leader’s Edge provides fractional services, to be a bridge in these areas. We seek to empower the workforce and enrich cultures. Read more>>

ATX Cypher | Hip Hop Artist / Barz, Jarz, & Cigarz Music Festival CEO

I’m a hiphop artist out of Austin, Texas. The hip hop scene is rich in talent but the audience doesn’t seem to be there. Enough to make it out to shows and make a difference in the artist careers at least it seemed to me. So I wanted to put together an event that would give Austin, Texas emcees a larger stage to perform at other than SXSW which most unknown artist get thrown to some side show doesn’t really so much for thier career. Read more>>

Joshua Kodak Kaskin | Artist, Poet, Event Coordinator

I wanted freedom. I realized the only way to get it was to make my own rules and daily schedule. Not to work for the next person. Read more>>

Mary Patton | Interior Designer

I previously worked in fashion and after I had my daughter, I did not want to travel to New York City on a monthly basis anymore. I just started telling friends I was available to design work, and it took off from there. Read more>>

Patty Najar | Nail Technician

I actually get this question quite often! I have been getting my nails done since I was 15 years old but I had always liked everything nails since I was a kid. I would really enjoy watching the process and I would think to myself “this looks so easy!” plot twist- it was definitely NOT easy. One of the reasons I would get my nails done often, (or would try to), was because I used to be a nail biter. Acrylics would help me grow out my nails. When I graduated high school, I got my first job. Read more>>

Denise Wedderburn | Entrepreneur & Fitness Enthusiast

I knew that once I got to a certain age I wanted to be in control of my own income and not work for anyone else. I was a paralegal for a long time out of college. Which I enjoyed. But once I fell in love with makeup and how it made people feel, I knew that was the career path for me Read more>>

Dawnitta Holseth | Wife, Mother, Creator, Business Owner

I loved creating things for friends and family and I LOVE fashion so why not put the two together. There is so much out there already but I want something different. I want to be able to be a one stop shop! I want to allow my creative side to flourish with my custom clothing and accessories. While still offering some sensible and affordable fashion for the every day stay at home mom, working professional & all in all real life women out there. Let’s be honest WE ARE BUSY! If I can help to take even the smallest load off I’ve done what I set out to do. I want to help make my clients ideas come to life in the real every day fashion world. Read more>>

LaTishia Edison | Hair growth oil

When going through my process of thinking about creating a hair growth oil it was when I first decided to go natural.When thinking about hair and different hair types I learned that what may work for some may not work for others. It takes time and many products when working with natural hair. So my process was very personal because I was facing many different struggles when it came to picking products that would benefit my scalp, benefit my hair and also keep my hair moisturized, we all want healthy hair at the end of the day that is the goal. Read more>>

Jada Nicole | Natural Hair Enthusiast | Entrepreneur

My thought process behind starting my business was to create a space for women with all types of natural hair to feel safe, seen, and comfortable when it comes to expressing the versatility of Natural hair. Read more>>