Starting a business is a commitment and requires dedication, resources and sacrifice. We asked some of the rising stars in our community how they thought through the idea of starting their own businesses.

Andrea Sok | Founder & CEO

After years of working in marketing and PR and witnessing how these two areas didn’t collaborate I wanted to bring both sides of the house under one roof and offer a new way of communicating. By combining traditional PR with influencer marketing into a new method, Influencer PR™, we provide our clients more options and more opportunities for their message to be seen and heard. Read more>>

Michelle Le | Lash Artist

as I took on different jobs over the years, I quickly realized that I never wanted to work under anyone. my parents are business owners as well as a good portion of my family. starting my lash business was intimidating at first and not my initial plan but I loved the idea of making my own schedule. it’s a very rewarding feeling to be your own boss and accomplish your goal by boosting someone’s confidence every day I work. Read more>>

Marce Garcia | Cake designer & baker

Every celebration deserves cake. And celebrations are to make people feel special. So I wanted to create the space where people could find just that. We believe that the term ‘custom made’ not only means ‘baked from scratch”, but a creative process where artistry, crafting and amazing baking skills come together with one purpose: to bring to life the unique vision of our customers for their special moment. Read more>>

Melissa Martinez | Professional Organizer

It was an inspiration that came to me while adding the finishing touches to my home. I love to have the essence of fresh flowers in my home, it brings a sense of serenity with the reminder of beauty in life. At that time I was working in my demanding career in dentistry. I had two toddlers, and a husband that worked 6 nights a week. It gets pretty hectic with a schedule like that. Read more>>