Starting a business is a commitment and requires dedication, resources and sacrifice. We asked some of the rising stars in our community how they thought through the idea of starting their own businesses.

Abdul-Hakeem Adeleye | Houston Based Photographer

Ever since I can remember, I have always had a deep fascination with cameras, especially in the filmmaking world. I still hope to one day graduate from photography to filmmaking. The day I picked up a camera and took a few pictures by myself, it was as if I was exposed to a whole new world. Read more>>

Kent Thomas | Champagne & Oyster Connoisseur

The process of starting a mobile champagne and oyster bar involves a combination of my personal entrepreneurial vision, market analysis with from the help from the S.U.R.E program at the University of Houston, and creative thinking. A mobile champagne and oyster bar stands out as an unconventional and premium offering. Read more>>

Sierra Sanders | Serial Entrepreneur, Media Correspondent, Business Owner

The moment I decided to be an entrepreneur I felt it was ideal for my current situation. I took a leap of faith and it ended up turning into a success. I had a game plan, all I needed to do was stay consistent and deliver. It was one of the most life changing moments to focus on myself and my business. Read more>>

Crystal Clay | Therapist

When my sister Psychotherapist Extraordinaire, Lola Clay approached me about starting our own practice, I was excited! I loved the idea of working with her and I had always been passionate about helping others, so having the chance to do both simultaneously was very intriguing to me! Read more>>

Asante Holder | Photographer

Honestly, I started my business, Capture Photography By Asante, because I wanted to do my craft more. During the chaotic COVID pandemic I fell in love with photography. I found myself saying often “I would do it free if I could.” I wanted to increase my exposure so I could take more photos, so I created a website to offer my services. Read more>>

Trinisha Jackson, RID | Principal | Interior Design

There’s nothing like having a talent and not being able to fully use it. While I’ve always been connected to the design industry and successful in my roles, I felt limited. My jobs were a great part of my journey, but it wasn’t what I was called to do. Once I realized that, TJDesign Interiors was born! Read more>>

Hayde MILLER | Self- Publishing Author

In the whirlwind of life’s demands, I embarked on a transformative journey in 2019 to establish my own business as an author dedicated to nurturing mental clarity, self-help, self-love, education, and stress relief. Driven by a deep-seated passion for personal growth and a burning desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others, I harnessed my creativity, experiences, and knowledge to pave the way for a business that would inspire, uplift, and guide individuals toward a brighter, more fulfilling future. Read more>>

Treasure and Troyah Carter’Mozee | Treat Makers

Our thought process behind starting our business was financial freedom. Becoming our own boss and seeking a legacy to pass along to our kids. We’ve used our creativity to create a space where common & seasonal treats can be housed under one umbrella. We know everyone loves the “ice cream truck” concept, so imagine a food truck that offers more than just ice cream. Read more>>

Phyllis Estoria Skipper | Owner of Estoria Transportation LLC

My thought process was due to a friend who had passed away years ago from breast cancer. Her husband was in the trucking industry for 30 years. He wanted his own company considering he had many trucks. The business started being established based on a conversation with him. Read more>>

Christina NUBIA” Leslie | Creative Professional Extraordinaire “

Oh my goodness! It’s not often I’m asked this question! Well, it started in 2007 when I was working for a well-known dental practice here in Atlanta, Ga. I was coming up on my work anniversary and due a raise, however, I was receiving some pushback from my manager at the time. Read more>>