We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Erin Adamek | Business Owner and Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist

The most important decision I’ve made, contributing to my success, was the decision to plant some seeds about my business around the community. I started to plant those seeds by reaching out to others, primarily via email due the Pandemic being in play. While fostering relationships and networking comes naturally for some people when starting a business, I had to be very intentional to work toward these connections, especially new ones. By focusing on both existing and new relationships, including those with my fellow Speech-Language Pathologists, local friends, and local groups already serving my target population, doors began to open!. Read more>>

Jaclyn Havlak | Creative Direction + Brand Identity

Learning to say NO. In my industry, experience is valued above most things. When I began, I took every single offer I received, and after many years I discovered that leaving myself available for the kind of opportunities I wanted was better than keeping myself BUSY all the time. Not that I wasn’t busy! I just stopped taking on the friendly ‘favors’ and other small gigs that only paid because they couldn’t get someone to do it for free. Learning to value my time and services and being more selective set me on a path of GOOD money and being appreciated for the time I gave. Read more>>

Hannah Mulik | Commercial Photographer

The most important decision I have made is to keep going. There have been many times where I could have given up, some as early as college when my photography business journey really began. I made my way through different types of photography and jobs within this industry, and I’ve picked up and restarted my business in different cities and states before settling in Houston a few years ago. By continuing on with my goals and evolving as I go, I now have an amazing “job” working for myself as a commercial photographer. Read more>>