We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Jagdish Maheshri | Contemporary Vedic Astrologer

On one May afternoon in the late sixties in India I accidentally ran into my (distant) uncle, He was on his way to attend a lecture by a well known astrologer. He pretty much dragged me along. This was my first exposure to astrology. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed by the lecturer. But it was after the lecture when the lecturer uttered the word “solid geometry” to a few of us that aroused my curiosity. Perhaps, I wouldn’t have become interested in astrology and been writing my first book if it weren’t for this incident. He was telling the people surrounding him how important it is to know the principles of solid geometry, in particular, pertaining to the three dimensional celestial space. Those were my college days, and I just had completed a course in solid geometry. Read more>>

Franny Allen | Entrepreneur

When I decided to legitimize my business. I got liability insurance, then my LLC, then my liquor license. I didn’t take any shortcuts. I worked hard and did everything by the book. I always say that legitimizing your business brings longevity. Read more>>

Brittany Grubbs | Birth Photographer

Being true to myself. Allowing my own deeper creativity to surface to show how I create stories rather than sessions. Sharing and becoming more vulnerable to show clients what I can do for their sessions. Organizing and detailing how to go about each session differently! Read more>>