We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Kim Bryan | Owner and Managing Director Of The Scarlet Barbell Club

One piece of conventional advice I do not agree with is “There’s a right time for everything” Being ready is a matter of perspective. I Definitely feel you should at least have a rough outline of how you will achieve your goals but there’s never a right time. Read more>>

Cameron Wilson | Artist & Leader

Always have a backup plan. It’s hard for me to agree with that statement because If I focus on why I put all my eggs in one basket I can accomplish my goals for my main plan. Read more>>

Alex Beane | songwriter, producer, engineer

“Have a backup plan.” It’s one thing to bring an extra mic to a gig, but having a backup plan for your larger goals invites failure before you even begin. To succeed in the music business, you have to trust your ability before anyone else will. This mindset will also distort how you measure risk. Before I committed to being a full time musician, I let opportunities pass me by because I had business school to fall back on. Read more>>

Kristopher Adams | Actor/Filmmaker

“YOU SHOULDN’T BE COMPETITIVE, BECAUSE COMPETITION IS UNHEALTHY” There is a difference between healthy and unhealthy competition. HEALTHY competition pushes the boundaries, breaks the mold, changes the game, encourages growth/evolution. Read more>>