We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Alina Ho | Hairstylist/Colorist

There is a common misconception about the cosmetology/hair/beauty industry that many people tend to assume. They think cosmetology is “easy”, a last resort option for those with no other direction or ambition, a glamorous profession that is just fun and games. In actuality, being a hairstylist is in itself, a physically and mentally demanding job. You’re a therapist, a scientist, a mathematician, and more importantly you’re someone that can make or break someone’s day just like that. You’re constantly learning new techniques, and constantly dealing with different types of people. Everyday is a new project, a new problem to solve and this is all while standing on your feet and literally sometimes only having time to run to the back and stuff your face with crackers, a sip of water and run back out with no restroom break till evening time. Work doesn’t stop after you leave the salon, you also go home and respond to messages and post on social media to keep your business and work advertised. Read more>>

Refined Lines Houston | Concierge Cosmetic Botox and B-Vitamin Injections

This industry is saturated with plenty of options. There’s medspas, physician offices, and small businesses all offering similar services. What makes a business successful and stand apart is the individual client’s experience and how much attention is given to each client. Refined Lines stands apart because of our concierge business model. We strive to have quick, safe, and thorough appointments where each client receives individualized attention. Aesthetic goals vary between clients. Refined Lines focuses on each client’s goals and strives to meet. Read more>>

Ellen Leventhal | Children’s Author, Ellen Leventhal

First of all, as a children’s author, I’m just a tiny cog in the publishing industry, and it’s not one with much power. But, of course, I am thrilled to be that little cog! What many people don’t know is that it can take years for one 500 word picture book to be crafted and find a home. And more often than not, authors have drawers filled with manuscripts that never find themselves as books on bookstore shelves. There are so many variables to what makes a book publishable. The market (which changes rapidly), the agent or editor’s list they have already, and what that particular editor is looking to sell that particular day are just a few. Even once the book is accepted and the contract signed, it still will take a few years to produce. Because of that, the act of crafting stories itself has to bring a writer joy. I have two new books on the horizon, and I believe it took as much luck as it took craft. Both books were years in the making. Read more>>

Daiquiri Beebe | Realtor, City CouncilWoman & Mother of 6

I don’t think that home buyers or sellers realize that real estate agents do not get paid unless a transaction closes. When we spend hours and days with buyers showing them house after house, we have spent our time, gas money to help them achieve their dreams, but if they do not end up purchasing a house with us, we have only lost time and money. Even when a transaction is in process if the deal falls through for some reason, we still don’t make anything. When we list a home for a seller and we spend our own money to hire a professional photographer and market the home in various ads. If the house doesn’t sell, we lose. Many clients don’t give it a second thought. Read more>>