We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Cecily Gonzalez | Lash/ Brow specialist & CEO

I believe that staying consistent is what has led me to success. Read more>>

Shanise Pimentel | Pastry Chef , Owner & Cake Designer

The best habits to succeed for me are consistency, always be open to learn new things and work hard for what you want. There will be long nights and days but when you want it you go for it. Also give without expecting to receive anything back the more you give the more you will receive. Read more>>

Danielle Finnerman | Artist, dedicated Aunt, pet lover and entrepreneur

Knowing which habits do not help me succeed and keeping them to a minimum is the best habit I stick to! Video games on my phone and mindless tv shows are the two habits I keep at bay the most and am aware are on the horizon ready to suck the life out of me. Being able to identify my weaknesses allows me the ability to handle my life choices. Everyday I wake up and focus on that day. Read more>>

Juli McClelland | Life + Confidence Coach

One of the most significant things that has helped me grow in business is willingness. It started out as the willingness to leave the comfort of a stable corporate job, in search of more meaningful work. That path was full of uncertainty, and with willingness to forge ahead, I created what I deeply longed for: a life coaching program to lead and support women, Read more>>

Tommy “Chommy Tee” Chanthavong | Asian American Social Media Influencer

For me, what helped me succeed to become a better influencer is to watch, listen and learn. The reason why is because you are portraying to your audience that they should trust your knowledge with the recommendation(s) you are providing them and not giving them false information or just posting on your feed because the business wants you to. These are the 3 words that helped me succeed on where I am with my success currently. Read more>>