We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Jolie Oree-Bailey | Owner and Executive Chef

My success as a Chef comes from my roots, from my family in the low country. I grew up watching my grandparents in the culinary field. They showed their love through food. You did not leave my grandmother’s house without something good to eat. She fed your whole soul. That’s what I saw, so that’s what I do! Another factor in my success is that I am always willing to learn more. A lifelong goal is to grow and improve my skills as a Chef and a business woman. Read more>>

Melanie Beddow | Family & Newborn Photographer

I would definitely say the key to my success is client satisfaction. The world of marketing is on an evolving trajectory, and in my experience, no amount of paid advertising goes quite as far as the words of a satisfied client. The biggest chunk of my client base has been gained through positive word of mouth. I can’t say enough about how creating a satisfying client experience has not only grown my business, but shaped the direction of my brand. By prioritizing client satisfaction within my brand, I have created a group of local clients who seek out and champion my brand to the community. My brand is something they desire and promote organically in a sea of many photographers that they could possibly chose from. Plain and simple. Without happy clients, I would have no one left to photograph. Read more>>

Davielle Jackson | CEO and Founder of Femi Secrets

With Femi Secrets, I’ve created a space for the stigma, the taboo… to be removed pertaining to women having periods. Femi Secrets is a safe place, providing the safest and healthiest periods. Years from now, statistics will show how Femi Secrets has changed the face of feminine care! Read more>>

Shashanah Ward | Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Certified Life Coach

The most important factor is for my brand to change how the Black community sees mental health so that we can heal. I particularly focus on professionals because they are often considered the ones who “made it out” but are mentally stuck due to unheald trauma, feelings of inadequacy, life plans changing and difficult transitions. They are struggling to remain authentic in spaces that do not value their authenticity, Read more>>