Even if you are from the same neighborhood as someone else, you might still be coming from different places. Where you are from is a complicated question and it elicits complicated, but interesting and thought-provoking responses. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Kayleen Christie Nelson | Owner and Founder of Havenly Farm

I grew up on a blackberry farm in the fertile Willamette Valley of Oregon. I always had a horse, we had a big garden and raised our own beef. This lifestyle defined my work ethic and shaped my passion for country life. I never really expected to recreate that life, but I have, and it brings me immense satisfaction. At Havenly Farm, we do all that in addition to having a flock of nearly a hundred chickens. I recognize that part of the satisfaction of endeavoring to live sustainably and homesteading, comes from how I grew up. I spent years living in cities, towns and suburbia and none of those places really fed my soul. I yearned for the country, having animals to care for and to live off my land as much as possible. Read more>>

Ethan Yang | Destination Photographer

I’m a proud Houston native, born and raised! Looking back on my upbringing, I considered myself to be a bit of a “lone wolf” throughout my childhood, and I struggled to make friends. Since I had few friends, most of my free time was spent watching TV shows and movies, such as Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, One Piece, and Interstellar! As I continued to watch my favorite shows and films growing up, it made me realize how much I enjoyed the art of storytelling through the lens of a camera. This greatly impacted who I am today because it sparked the curiosity and passion I have for filmmaking, storytelling, and photography! Read more>>

Jenny, Patty and Joy McClure, Rivera and Zesch | Owners of Simply Sisters Food Co.

We were born and raised in San Angelo, TX. Growing up, our Papa owned a variety of restaurants and our Dad many of them over the years so we grew up in the restaurant industry. Our Mom is also a phenomenal cook and as some of the older siblings of 10 kids we all 3 learned to cook at a very young age. Both of which made a huge impact on us and made us want to start a business in the food industry. Read more>>

Ali Abdin | Film Producer/ Writer/Director/Actor

I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. Being from a place that is rooted in the creative arts, it has molded me into the creative I am today. I come from a family of musicians and creatives. My father is a percussionist, who has been playing music since before I was born. My mother has a beautiful voice and is a retired teacher. They both have given me the tools that are needed to navigate the world of entertainment. My oldest brother plays all brass instruments, as well as percussions. Lastly, my youngest brother and production partner is a percussionist and film maker. Having these influences in my life are what has impacted me to become a film maker. Read more>>

Saba Hussain | Photographer, retoucher, creative studio owner/designer

I am from Pakistan. An architect & interior designer by profession. But my 5+ years of Art school education trained my eye for many nuances of Art. Sculptor, Art collector, photographer, studio owner/designer,……I have travelled extensively around the world & the on hand observations & experiences I bring into my work. Life is evolving_ I’m not done yet_ more venues to explore! Read more>>

Felica Thomas | Daughter of God and Life Coach

I am from Dallas Tx, born and raised. I would say my background and upbringing has played an instrumental part in my life. Growing up without my mom and dad was difficult but I thank God I was raised in a stable and healthy environment that was founded on Christ and a healthy marriage between my amazing grandparents. You know, we never know why we go through what we go through until we get on the other side of our hurt, disappointments, issues, and heartache. Oh! But when we get there, it begins to make sense if we would dare allow the Holy Spirit to heal our wounds and counsel us like only He can. Read more>>