Even if you are from the same neighborhood as someone else, you might still be coming from different places. Where you are from is a complicated question and it elicits complicated, but interesting and thought-provoking responses. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Andra Collins- Johnson | Floral Designer

I grew up in Houston, Texas near downtown. I then moved towards southwest Houston and I graduated from Bellaire High School. My mother became a seamstress at the age of 15 and somewhere along the way she got introduced to floral design and started an event business where she focused on brides and weddings. I have freelanced for some florist in the past and would do some weddings and events for referred clients. After designing a wedding in Wisconsin, I decided to jump into the floral design business and Inheritance Floral Design was created in 2018. Even though my business is fairly new, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and my years as a floral design instructor to my business. Read more>>

Shalondra Moore | Professional Elementary School Counselor

I am born and raised in Houston, Texas. I was raised by a single mom until her passing in 1989. At the age of eight, I was raised by my maternal grandmother and grandfather. As a young child dealing with my mom’s death, I can not remember a Counselor making an impact on me. I struggled in the area of grief and anger. I decided to become an Elementary Teacher and later an Elementary Counselor. I have always wanted to be the Teacher and Counselor that I needed when I was a child. Read more>>

Denise Winston | Texas State Coordinator for ASSE International Student Exchange

I grew up in northwest Houston and came to Huntsville to attend Sam Houston right out of high school. I fell in love with the town and community and never left. My parents always taught us to value others and where they came from. When we went on vacations they always made a point to take us to lesser known places and to take us to see where the people lived rather than just the familiar tourist spots. Growing up we hosted an exchange student from Denmark for the school year and one from Guatemala for the summer. Both experiences, hosting a students and traveling, had a real impact on me and my love for other cultures. I have tried to raise my children with a global perspective and we have made a point to learn about countries and cultures around the world in our homeschooling. Although we are not able to travel as much as I did growing up, we have made a point to welcome students from around the world to our home through high school student exchange. It has been amazing to learn about so many cultures in the comfort of our own home. Read more>>

Chasiti Mosely | Entrepreneur & Founder of Meringues & Mischief

I from a relatively small town about two hours away from Houston, called Port Arthur, Texas. I was born there but raised in Houston, however, I have very vivid memories of the time I would spend there. I remember spending Holidays with my immediate and extended family, watching my great aunts and my grandmother cooking in the kitchen until morning. There was something so comforting about not only being around the people that I loved but also gathering around all of the delicious food that took countless hours to prepare. From a child, I’ve loved the art of food; the thought behind the preparation, the taste, the smell, but most of all the way it brings people together. I’ve taken these sweet memories with me as I’ve grown older and have found fun and interesting ways to entertain my guests over some of my favorite meals. Through these gatherings, I developed my craft and soon knew that I wanted to own a bakery/coffee shop. Read more>>

Grizzy Castillo | Street Reporter & Community Activist

Native to Houston, I have been here all my life born and raised. coming from a very troubled childhood and early adulthood has enabled me to have a strength and understanding to be able to assist people in my community who experience something terrible. As a Street Reporter, and I’ll find myself actually taking part of community events and raising awareness of what’s going on that otherwise doesn’t get presented out there. I’ve helped families of some of the missing people I post to search for them. I’ve gone to marches, benefits, toy drives and have also interviewed families who have lost a loved one to violence or victims of crime. Read more>>

Francisco Ortega | Aspiring Soccer Coach & Traveler

I am from Houston, Texas. Born and raised. My parents came here a little over 35 years ago from Mexico City, where they lived a big portion of their life. Being raised in a Mexican household where both parents would work and would provide for 5 children there wasn’t much leisure time for my parents. They’re form of entertainment on the weekends was watching novelas or mainly watching soccer games on TV. My dad is an avid soccer fan and his favorite team is Las Chivas de Guadalajara. I can’t count all the times I sat there and enjoyed watching all these soccer games with him. At a younger age I wasn’t too into soccer as I am today. I got more into it when I was in middle school. And once high school came around my passion for it grew immensely. Through hard work and dedication I was able to play for the Pasadena High School Varsity soccer team. The same school where I graduated in 2009. Unfortunately, due to a knee injury I wasn’t able to further pursue my soccer career. Regardless my interest and passion in soccer remained in tact. Read more>>