Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Ty Smith | Music Entrepreneur

This career is way more than just a source of income but a lifestyle. When being a creative you have the abilities to travel and experience life in such unique ways, in that doing so you can see the world with a set of different senses it can seem at times. When you travel for a recording session with other musicians from across the country to meet up at a studio to make some magic happen it’s an experience that has its own feeling but no one name for. The feeling we all get of being captivated when going to the traveling Van Gogh or Frida Experience at museums connecting with the artists in ways it seems we all feel together no matter where or when we see it. These types of artistic moments in life is why I have decided to make this life long pursuit. Read more>>

Brittany Dominics | Creator & Wardrobe Stylist

I believe that God blessed with the gift of creativity. I never decided to pursue a creative career, it’s just always been within me and apart of me. Read more>>

Lukman Adesanya | Personal Trainer, Apparel Brand Owner, Bodybuilder

Growing up I was dependent on my family, meaning there wasn’t much freedom on expressing art. You’re pretty much their dress up doll. My fits we’re decent but nothing expressive. I got into modeling in college and grew love for being your own style. I tried runaway, self portrait and even brand shoots. It grew a passion of self improvement that I use on myself with my own work. Read more>>

Lauren Yandell | Senior Lecturer of Art and Design, University of Houston – Clear Lake

As a creative individual I wanted to spend my time and energy doing something I enjoyed and valued. When I was younger and trying to figure out my path after college I knew I wanted a career in the arts. Originally, I focused on graphic design, but my love for drawing and painting pulled me in a different direction. I’m now a Senior Lecturer at the University of Houston – Clear Lake where I teach drawing and painting courses. I’m glad I followed my intuition and not a day goes by where I’m not happy to wake up and get to work. Read more>>

Ashley Land | Cosmetology student| Professional stylist in training

From poetry to painting, to even creating ads for local businesses – I have always been an artistic and creative individual. Though, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career where I could make an impact with my creativity. Becoming a hairstylist is more than curling hair and installing extensions. My profession is ensuring others feel comfortable in their own skin by providing positive guest experience to help others improve their self esteem. Hair is more than just something on your head, it is an identity. Read more>>

Tiye Love | Romance writer

As a clinical psychologist, having an empathetic ear can lead to personal distress. One way I discovered to cope with my own challenges and to replenish my own cup after giving so much of myself through work, was to escape through writing and I stumbled upon romance after being surprised by a cute, unexpected Valentine’s Day text six years ago and wrote for free and had a small base of readers who encouraged me to publish. I published my first novel in March of 2019 and have been hooked every since. Read more>>

Lil Gzy | Music Artist & Public Figure

I started taking music seriously at the end of 2020. Everything I’ve ever made before that was more for self entertainment with my friends and just jokes in high school. I realized how talented I was when I dropped my first project “99 overall.” The mixtape brought tons of attention and supporters from all over the country, people that I’ve never met before were telling me to keep going with making music so I kept going. Now I’m at a point to where my music production is very consistent and authentic. I do all the recording and mixing myself. I’m blessed to be able to connect with music well enough to turn it into a money making hobby. I love to do it, and I’m eager to see where it takes me in life. Read more>>

Ty Laramore | Singer/Songwriter

There was never a question in my mind as to whether or not I would be playing music. The first time I learned to play a song on the guitar I just knew this is what I would be doing for the rest of my life. There is something special about the way music communicates to the deepest part of a person, it can bring tears to the strongest man’s eyes and can help heal the wounds of the broken hearted. I am truly blessed to be the vessel that ushers those feelings to a crowd on any given night. Read more>>