Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Chichi Marie | Musical Artist

Because I can’t imagine doing anything else. Read more>>

LaRyss | Singer/Songwriter Recording Artist

The only thing I have ever wanted to be is a singer. I truly feel it’s a dream and calling I was born with and it’s why I say I came out of the womb singing and haven’t shut up since. I’ve been singing my entire life and I just know it’s the purpose God has for me. Read more>>

Farima Fooladi | Visual Artist and Art Instructor

It was not an easy decision, and definitely, it is not an easy career path to follow. For as long as I remember, I have taken the curvey road and welcomed the challenge to my life. I never saw myself doing anything outside of the arts. I need the intellectual call that art has to offer, and I strive for its labor. Going back to my studio helps me to line up all the dissonances of the outside world. Painting has saved me over and over. Read more>>

PAiDA | Singer/Songwriter

I think I’ve always been a very creative person. When I was younger I leaned more towards drawing and painting and my artistic interests have evolved over time. I never really occurred to me to attempt to pursue anything seriously until I did some self-reflecting and realized I wouldn’t be happy with myself unless I put focus in my art as an outlet for my thoughts. At that time I felt that, at the very least for peoples entertainment, putting my heart into music and sharing that with people could become something that is mutually beneficial for myself and the listeners. Read more>>

Gonzalo Ramos | Music Conductor & Composer

Throughout my journey, I have sought opportunities to work with diverse community organizations. I am constantly inspired and driven by the humanistic joy that is generated when artists come together and create art. My mission is to grow, learn, and develop communal opportunities where people of all cultures and ages can enjoy the musical, visual, and literary arts. Collaborating with artists alike while working closely with organizations to create shared experiences of joy, reflective beauty, and peace paved the way for my ambition to pursue a life’s path in the arts. Receiving my Bachelor in Music from the University of Houston Moores School of Music and Master in Sacred Music from the University of St. Thomas provided me with a strong foundation and the tools to support my artistic career. Read more>>

Mike Brown | Content Creator – Photographer, Writer, Video Production

Escaping stress is impossible, so I chose the next best thing: stress management. By pursuing a career that used my creative outlets and allowed for custom time management & workload, I was able to coordinate my work and personal life to accommodate my stress levels. I chose to pursue a lifestyle of enjoying what I do, regardless of if I’m working or not. So, a career that revolved around what I would do with my free-time was a logical and obvious decision for me. Read more>>

B. Soleil | Singer-Songwriter & Activist

I believe that for some of us creativity pursues us and not the other way around. Music has always been my way of expressing the world around me as I see it, feel it, and experience it. I’ve long admired artists that use their art to deliver a message to the world and inspire people with their creativity. Art, in all forms, has the power to teleport us away from reality when it gets too tough—or in the same sense speak truth to reality when it needs to be felt on a deeper level and not just observed. I chose to be an artist because throughout history art has been at the forefront of the revolutions that change the world for the better. In the age of influencers many long for attention, but few understand what it means to have a platform. Singers like Billie Holiday, Bob Marley, and John Lennon used the power of their music to unite people and call out injustice. Read more>>

Christina Gonzalez | Artist

I’ve always been interested in art. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been painting and drawing. There is just something about trying to create a picture or idea you have in your head and put it on a canvas. Art is something that’s yours, your expressions, your feelings and your creative soul on canvas. Read more>>

Ivan Morin | Multi-Instrumentalist & Producer

I guess I’ve always been drawn to unconventional paths. Having worked several jobs over the last decade or so, it just makes sense with my personality and lifestyle. I need to have structure but I get so bored with doing the same thing day in and out. Not to mention, I find it hard to be passionate about things that don’t bring me or others joy of any kind. There’s something about music that brings people together, not just anybody either. The nomads, the outcasts, the peculiar, the enigmas, the ones that radiate creative energy. They make everything worth it. Read more>>

Naana Danquah Jefferson | Mom, Wife, Creator, and Attorney

Honestly, I feel like creativity choose me. It has always been a part of me in different forms all of my life. There would be a serious, gaping hole without it. It is such a beautiful, touching, and universal form of expression. A way of sharing a piece of your heart with others. Read more>>

Natasha Terry | Ma Petite Cosplay & Modeling

Art is my life; I can’t live without it. Whether I’m painting, singing, dancing, writing, crafting, or making music, art is how I express myself. The human imagination is an infinite canvas constantly fabricating new ideas. A mundane career isn’t enough for many individuals and it certainly was not for me. I do have a 9 to 5 that is not a typical career, but I like connecting to the world through my art in the form of cosplay. Being a cosplayer allows me to channel several artistic skills into one project. It is a challenge to construct full costume, yet extremely rewarding when the finish product is assembled. Then to share my work with the world by posting photos on social media, attending comic conventions, or doing charity work is another perk. I knew I truly enjoyed being a cosplayer when children would recognize my character and become ecstatic. Bringing happiness to strangers while also being proud of my costume is an amazing feeling. Read more>>

Mohammed Numan | Moseph

I have a love/hate relationship with this question. i feel like on one hand, i’ve always felt this ache within myself that could only be relieved from creating things, i think that’s where it begins for a lot of people. the hard part is focusing all that passion and angst into something that is lucrative. which is the hate side of that relationship for me, because creating is such a stream of consciousness thing for me that having to pack my art into a nice little commodifiable package is difficult and frustrating at times. Read more>>