We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Alex Winters | Recording Artist, Guitarist, and Performer

Being in a band or making music was pretty far off of my radar when I first started writing songs, but after realizing that it was in my blood I decided to push myself to try to make it full time. The most pivital moment for me was when I saw William Shatner speak as part of his “It’s His World We Just Live In It” tour. He talked about all of the awesome projects he’d been a part of and that he only ever said yes to things that he thought would be fun to do, not whether he thought they would make money or not. That really spoke to me. Read more>>

Mykell Hawkins | Rich Kells , 5 Year Old Boss , Owner Of Kellyland LLC.

My name is Mykell Hawkins, I’m known as Kells. I’m a 5 year old kid from Houston,Texas. I’ve been talking since I was roughly the age of 9-10 months. Unbelievable, right ? Yes I know. As I got older I wasn’t interested into the normal things kids like of course I play with baby dolls but I love singing old school music, dancing and doing skits. I wasn’t taught to do these things , I picked up on the greater enjoyment of life on my own. Read more>>

Jamie Melancon | License Cosmetologist And Makeup Artist

I have always had a passion for doing hair and many desires of decorating. As a child I had dolls, and always loved doing their hair. when I became older I started doing my friends hair and also teachers and peers in school. I noticed I had a gift and a talent that I could prosper in for many years. I believe that when you know what it is you love to do then nothing ever feels like work. Read more>>

Jay Whitaker | TrackFingers – Composer

Growing up, I always pictured myself an artist. I had sketch books full of drawings and I taught myself piano. Every time I compose, I imagine myself building a sculpture. What doesn’t look like much when you start, ends up being grand when you finish. It is absolutely euphoric when I bring an idea to life accurately. That feeling keeps me coming back. I remember as a kid, looking up covers to my favorite songs on YouTube and being blown away by the musicians I saw. I became obsessed with how creative they got with songs. Read more>>