We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Hannah Orin | Social Media Influencer

I began my posting videos to Tiktok with absolutely no intention of a career. One day, I just decided that I would post a video showing what I packed in my husband’s lunch box for a “sixteen hour shift at a prison”. I remember being so nervous about it! But I thought that *maybe* other corrections officer wives (“CO Wives”) and I could exchange meal ideas/lunch packing tips…and that would be cool, right?! Read more>>

Arlene Yanes | Artist & Dance Instructor

From a young age, my parents nurtured my creative side. My dad loved music and drawing, and my mother studied ballet in Mexico and loved to dance in general. I was very much influenced by both as I became a dance instructor and continued painting as a hobby and a way to destress. Read more>>

Hillary Kate Kotwal | Registered Dietitian & Charcuter

Living in an creative world means dreaming, envisioning, and inventing. I have found I do best using my knowledge in a creative way. Telling people to eat healthy wasn’t enough to actually get them to eat healthy… however, getting people to eat healthier by making food art is WAY more than enough and so much fun. I think of my creativity as one of my God-given talents, and I’m so very grateful for this career. Read more>>

Christian Adana | Actress | Dancer | Instructor

When I was born, the doctor did not slap me to initate my crying, he yelled “action”, or at least that’s what I believe. I have wanted to act since my first drama class in elementary school. As a child, I had a vivid imagination, one that would sometimes land me in trouble for being overly expressive, comical, or dramatic. However, when acting or performing, my imagination was encouraged and embraced. (Those many trips to the office were the reasons why I was recommended for the drama program). I was allowed to be free to explore characters and storytelling in a variety of ways that ignited excitement and purpose in me. In some aspects, it has helped me develop key communication skills needed for other career endeavors outside of the entertainment industry. Read more>>

Loreta Kovacic | Musician and Teacher

Ability to create is the most essential experience in our lives. My purpose in life is to create and perform music. I am the most grateful and the most joyful during the times of creating, producing. recording and performing songs. Those are the times of challenge, yet fluidity. Working with other musicians and artists is the most enjoyable kind of team work. Creating mew music gives a purpose and meaning to my world. Read more>>

Abigail Resch | Hairstylist & Salon Suite Owner

I’ve been artistically inclined my entire life, and I was very lucky to have my family encourage it. My teenagedom was filled with Manic Panic and coloring my hair in the bathroom with a “Let’s see what happens” mentality. I struggled with social anxiety through high school so I never thought I would be working face-to-face with clients, but as soon as I toured the Aveda Institute I knew this was what I wanted to do. A robust education combined with an experimental mindset made for the base of an awesome career. When it comes to working behind the chair or on my business, I am all over it! Read more>>

Khyra Williams | Artisan & Student

I decided to pursue an artistic career due to my lifelong passion for self-expression, art & entrepreneurship. As a kid, I had a love for science fair projects, band, art and anything entrepreneurial. Running a small snack business throughout middle and high school, it’s always been evident that I had an interest in business. As I got older, I quickly realized that the careers I thought I would love, still did not allow me room for self-expression and creativity. Being an artisan, I have the amazing opportunity to share my research, passion and art with the world. Aromatherapy is a fascinating science and I feel that many people are unaware of the benefits, not only on the mood, but also hair & skin. I wanted to share my findings in a line of artisanal self-care products and that is how Atypical Apothecary came about. There is a feeling of fullness that I get when someone tells me their experience with my products, that I believe one can only feel when you’ve created it. Read more>>

Lauren Arnsdorff | Owner, CEO

Following my natural artistic and creative passions make me feel more alive. I’ve always been almost equally creative and analytical, and early in my career in financial services, I really leaned into that analytical side. But over time, when I started to lose that passion, I found I enjoyed using my analytical brain to help me make better creative decisions and found a great balance of strengths. I’m almost always analyzing our products at Flour & Branch, thinking of ways to make us better, and then leaning on my creative side to solve for x. Read more>>

Bobby J. Corpus | Writer

Truthfully, I’ve always been an artistic person with a creative imagination. In high school, I played multiple instruments like the guitar and piano, and during my sophomore year of college, I learned how to do digital art and animation. However, it was creative writing where I’ve always felt the most accomplished and happy with doing. I chose the creative career of a writer because I wanted to tell compelling stories that would resonate with people for the rest of their lives. Through writing, I am able to tell and show the worlds and characters that are inside of my head with other readers and writers alike. I hope that through my stories I could inspire other writers to tell their stories someday. Read more>>