We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Joy Henderson | Wedding Photographer

Pursuing photography as a business was my way of treading outside of my comfort zone. I’ve always considered myself a pretty creative person. I LOVE art in all different medias so somehow, I knew my career would circle back in this direction. It’s a blessing to be able to make a living on my own terms. As a mother, it’s also important for me to create a legacy that my children are proud of and inspired by. Now they’ll know that they can use what’s inside themselves to carve their own path in life too. Read more>>

Únies Gonzalez | Ar*ist

Honestly, because it’s the only thing that felt correct. There is magic in being able to pursue and then have a relationship with art in that way. No other path has given me the same joyous energy. Having the opportunity to create and to then have people interested in the work I make is a privilege among other things. All I want and have ever wanted was to be able to elicit some form of an emotional response and to find familiarity/a mirror in my work. Read more>>

Marija Babic | Project Manager & Founder/Creative Director

After being in the Corporate world for over a decade and becoming successful in my accomplishments, my soul yearned for a creative outlet as an escape from “the ordinary”. Sure, my Corporate career is very rewarding, and it should be valued for this tremendous fact. But if you’ve ever clocked in at your job and thought, I am so much more than this, they you are probably right…which was my case! Read more>>

Giselle Duran | Brand & Website Designer, Content Creator

I think being creative came to me at a young age. I’m pretty sure every child in the world loved coloring so I won’t pretend like that made me unique. But, I’ve always had a vivid imagination and colorful mind. I would make up short stories in my head about anything that came across my path. I loved to play with color whether it was colored pencils, crayons, or paint. I would make my Barbies clothes out of my pajamas, I mean I did it all. Read more>>

Jordan & Eboni Brazell | Founders of Community Cultivation Inc.

Our main thought process behind starting our non-profit was to create an organization were youth can be to exposed to different opportunities that this life has to offer that they may have not seen or heard before. As well as providing examples and being role model on how to flourish in all aspects of life. Read more>>

Milly Burton | The Resin Bae

I chose an artistic, and creative background for my business because I’ve always been captivated by works of art. Like most kids I would always draw pictures like flowers and stick figures, and I’d also have my mom buy me bird houses that I would glue together and paint myself and decorate. I would use my old clothes to make clothes for my Barbie dolls… so I’ve always been into art in all forms, no matter how crude, elementary, or even sophisticated. I love Bosch paintings as well because they are dark, and I do paint abstracts for my personal collection. I’ve always been really into art but most people never knew that about me. Read more>>

ANTONIO RUFINO | International Versatile Trilingual Actor & Artistic Creator

I was chosen in kindergarten grade by my school teacher at the early age of 5yrs old to be cast as Tom Turkey in the school play. While I was wearing a entire complete turkey costume and heard the applause from the audience I literally felt like a super hero that I was capable of doing and making people smile, laugh, happy. And from that moment on I knew exactly what I was born to do. My purpose, my mission in life was and has always been to be a performer, to entertain people through my acting, my creative story telling photography/social media content/brand. Performing makes me so fulfilled in so many ways. antoniorufino.com Read more>>

Debraeyia Drayden | Founder | Piper Lane Kids Co.

Oh gosh – where to begin?? I’ve always loved creating! It’s an activity that allows my mind to flow freely and without restraint. While most of my career as an adult has been spent in a different discipline, Piper Lane Kids Co. allows me the ability to just “run with it” and get lost in the process. Being an entrepreneur is certainly not for the faint of heart and having that level of creative control is something I’ve always craved. Read more>>

Dynisha Johnson | Hair Stylist

I’m infatuated with the transformation of hair at its best! I took this passion I have for hair and created Hairkandyaddicts. I have been wearing weaves and wigs since around the age of 17, and a stylist for about 10 years overall. In the midst of the 10 years I took a break to be a mother to my 2 beautiful daughters ( Zariyah & Zaylee), and worked to set myself up to be financially stable. Now I’m a stylist that offers quality Virgin hair extensions and hair products at an affordable price and I’m back better than ever! Read more>>

David Craig | Musician, bassist, composer

I don’t feel that I ever decided to pursue this career. Music found me. I had no choice. All I wanted to do is play. I never thought about perusing a career. Or what that even meant. I just started as a kid and now I’m here.
It’s not really an answer I suppose. I just love it. The way it feels physically, emotionally and spiritually. Read more>>