We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Cindy | UX Designer & Content Creator

When I was little, every time someone asked me what I wanted to be, I would always answer some creative career, like “Fashion Designer or Interior Designer”. Ironically, a creative career was not something I started out with originally. I was the typical NSM student in undergrad at UH, taking core biology classes to fulfill my path of getting into pharmacy school. Healthcare was always on my mind. I was and still am surrounded by so many family members in healthcare, so it was hard to see myself doing anything else for a living. Read more>>

Anthonya Etoama | Music Artist

Growing up, I wasn’t really great at most things, but one thing that stuck was the music. My parents noticed that music seemed to be the one thing that I was passionate about. I started off playing the piano but moved into singing. I’ve been through so much in my life, from childhood trauma, to heart break and the many obstacles i’ve encountered in life so far, but through it all, it has been God that has carried me and have taken away the burdens i’ve carried. He blessed me with the gift of music, my safe place. Read more>>

Kevin Mugabo | Photographer & Artist

I love making art! Making art is my way of telling a story without using words. As they say: “ a picture is worth a thousand words!” Read more>>

Olga Miliuta | Opera singer owner of music company”BelCanto” and voice teacher

I Love to bring happiness for people. Talk to people through the music During the long time world’s history the art was most important part of human’s life Read more>>

Jordan Roberts | Environmentalist & Creative Director

I pursued an artistic or creative career because I noticed a lack of creative inclusion within the scientific community. I am an environmental scientist with a focus in marine biology but I also am a creative director as well as a musician. so, I combined my two passions. Read more>>

Kiki Moneh | Singer, Song Writer, Lyricist

I’ve always loved writing music and singing. When I was in 3rd grade I won first place for this poem I wrote about a swan. My dad read the poem and really made me feel like it was the best poem ever. He couldn’t believe the way I wrote about the swan and how I described it. And ever since then I’ve wanted to pursue my artistic career. That motivated me to write my own lyrics everyday. Read more>>

Edward Vidaurre | publisher/award-winning poet

This is a question I ask myself sometimes, how did I get here? Being an author and publisher are two different things altogether. I never thought of mixing into a career. I was a poet writing and reading and selling a few books here and there but never as a career. I have kept my job as a restaurant manager even as I grown into the publishing role. But I will say that I am pursuing a career in publishing to remove me from that other career someday. Read more>>

Taylor Luna | UV Graffiti Artist

I pursue my artistic career because it’s what makes me happy. I feel as if there isn’t a point in putting Time into something if you don’t have love or passion driven behind it. Read more>>

Cassandra Bohne-Linnard | Artist & Designer

I actually don’t believe I chose an artistic career, I believe it chose me. I have been painting as a hobby since my early college years. I found painting to be very therapeutic and continued painting oils and acrylics throughout my entire corporate career. It was just so enjoyable and second nature that it was just a part of my life, an essential part of me. Read more>>

Mia Becerra | Aspiring Artist

Art has always been in my heart. Since I was young I have enjoyed drawing. It was the only thing that really made me happy doing. Nothing else seem to fit but art just happened to be intriguing for me. And, with the years passing, I have really worked on making it better. Read more>>