What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

DJ Chaney | DJ & Producer

In my previous life, as a student-athlete at Rice University, I had to find balance with a rigorous schedule that included studies, training and djing . I feel that gave me the tools to be a DJ that runs a schedule opposite of the norm 9 to 5. Work life balance is very important to me, especially working in night life. Finding time for myself, family and friends is very difficult when your workday ends at 2am. Currently, covid has changed the amount of days I would perform per week. I am grateful for the time I have had to enjoy hanging with my friends at a decent hour. One way I have maintained my sanity and mental health is by staying active by running and lifting weights. I also value a healthy diet and sleep. Things I enjoy on my time off are spending time at the park at the Menil, hanging out in coffeeshops and/or dinners at friends’ houses – I am lucky I have several friends that are wonderful cooks! Read more>>

Bryce Saucier | Cinematographer & Photographer

My work/life balance is always changing. I kinda have an all-or-nothing mindset with things and that leads to overworking and burning out, but when I do take time off of work I try to be fully present and treat those moments with equal importance to work. Having a routine that consistently creates some kind of incremental progress every day helps me to slow down, like studying for 30 minutes or just taking one photo in a day instead of trying to get in a full work day 7 days a week. Lately I’ve been really just wanting to reconnect with old friends or just spend more time with the people I care about. It could just be the season or due to COVID. I’m not sure but that’s how I feel now. Read more>>

Michael Otule | Project Consultant /Fitness Influencer

I’m one of those individuals who thrives on being busy. When I’m not busy, I feel like I fall behind on ALL my tasks/to-do’s for the week ( a feeling that I needed to work on as things to come up and I will have these moments). Between my professional career and my creative/fitness influencer career my work life balance is constantly changing. I have tried the whole “drop everything and zen” approach, but that just doesn’t work for me. Recently, I picked up working on self development practices such as listening and taking notes to audibles, working on my monthly goals, researching new ways to save money, etc. I find this to be very fulfilling and in a way relaxing. It took me awhile to learn how to balance everything, but now, balance looks like scheduling time to do my to-do’s/tasks and some time to do some self development leaving me with time to sit in front of a tv and stream a couple shows. Read more>>

Brutha Liberty | Diverse multi media Artist

My balance over time has taught me a lot and changed my thinking all together as an entrepreneur. I’ve learn that making your own strict schedule will help get things done accordingly. Read more>>

Nate Beavers | Artist & Tattooist

Being a Dad to a boy, aged 10, and a girl, aged 8, I find it necessary to carve out time specifically to work on art because sometimes life can get in the way. The balance is, I get drawings and artwork done by incorporating my kids into the process. It affords me the opportunity to get work done and also teach my kids about my craft. Although I do not expect them to follow in my footsteps, I still want them to have a skill set to fall back on. As a Dad, it’s important to teach my kids about the fundamentals of art and tattooing and spend loads of quality time together. Read more>>

Carlotta Baird | Artist

Balance is a tricky one. I used to think that I had achieved balance when my life looked similar to someone that I admired in the same season of life. My life never quite measured up to that standard so holding on to that belief did not work out so well for me. Thankfully I’ve learned that while comparison is the thief of joy, it’s also an unreliable guide and a cruel critic. A few years ago I heard Rich Roll, ultra athlete and author, speak about balance in his life. As an ultra athlete, he can put in an insane amount of hours training for an event. And that is okay with him, as long as at some point the pendulum swings back to the other parts of his life that are also important and necessary. If you’re judging by the hour, his life does not look balanced at all. Read more>>