What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Dashna Compere | Founder of Unfiltered Soles- Blogger, Traveler & Columnist

I think a balance life is essential for personal development, productivity and sanity. I am one of those individuals who’s life depends on ” to do lists”; a habit I developed way back in middle school. My to do list started out with ” the top three things that I need to complete during the day”. However, as I became older, embarked on new journeys, the list grew. Now, it is divided into two portions- My personal matters and my son’s affairs. My balance have changed because I now have to juggle between work life and being a mother to my handsome newborn son. I’ve prayed for years for my womb to be blessed with a child; a son to be specific. I almost gave up the past two years, but God favored me and answered my prayers. I embrace this change. I think it’s the most rewarding thing in my life. I think focus is important for a healthy balance. Sloppiness is not acceptable nor tolerable. Read more>>

Fefe Ameira | Photographer/Visual Artist/ Occasional Model/Medical Interpreter ATM

Expectations and needs change over time. I wanted different things out of a job when I was fresh out of college, now I want/value different things such as healthy me time, the ability to be creative on shift or after shift, a good work environment, etc. I have found fulfillment in experiencing and playing different roles far from what I imagined during college.I am very grateful I have had the opportunity to work a good amount of “odd jobs” as they would call it. That experience has helped me by creating a healthy balance, staying intrigued and keeping on exploring the different sides of me and acknowledging my potential. Sometimes these jobs aren’t the ones that offer most pay, but I am at THAT moment in my life where I am privileged to take those risks. I check out what I want or need in my life at the moment. Read more>>

Laura Brown | Retail Manager, Co-Owner of Pibborafi and Mother of Dakota Lake

I juggle a lot to keep a healthy work/life balance. My husband and I have a very active 2 1/2 year old, so I am always making sure that I have plenty of time for her. Luckily, Pibborafi plushies are geared towards humans 3 and up, and she absolutely adores them and is always wanting to “help” in any way she can. I also work full-time at a job that I love and have been at for almost 18 years. I usually find the most time to focus on my small business is in the evenings once my daughter has gone to bed. My brain never seems to turn off, so my best ideas always come to me at night. Read more>>

Holly Barber | Executive Director, Mom and Creator of #LUXLIFE / #GROWINGUPLUX

I’ve become more aware of my personal balance in recent years. In the past, I wasn’t at all concerned with it. I accepted a workaholic lifestyle as normal and almost a badge of honor. Living through the pandemic has taught me to slow down and breathe. To truly take time to process, grow, live and balance through my development. I have found that the outcomes, my business, thrive when I am better settled and balanced. Read more>>

Dr. Berkley Luck | Molecular Biologist, New Mom, and Co-Founder of Milkify

Since becoming an entrepreneur, I have come to see my work/life balance become more of a work/life integration. Work is a part of life and life is a part of work. Thinking of it like a balance to me seemed like a trade-off, where only one thing could get done at a time. I now find myself in a unique position – I go to work everyday with my husband and my baby girl. We own our time, and are making ends meet together as a family. It is hard at times and it is a lot of work, but I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to watch both of my babies (my actual child and our start-up) grow, develop, and take on lives of their own. Read more>>

Danish Farooqui | Actor, Voice Actor and Filmmaker

After completing an entrepreneur coaching series, I realized that separating work and life creates the problem. Work is part of life. Life includes: family, hobbies, vacations, non-career goals, etc. Each of those things deserve a place in my schedule. As long as each part of my life is getting the time it needs to grow, there is balance. Read more>>

Germain Quintanilla | Artist & Art Educator

I am a father of two young boys, one is 4 years old and the other is 2 years old. I am also a full time art educator at a local high school. It has been a challenge to find balance in my life and art career. I haven’t completely found balance in my day but what is working for me right now is writing down my daily schedule. I make it a goal to work in my studio each day or to sketch out ideas for new artwork or products throughout the day if I know I will be busy with dad duties that day. Being an art teacher comes in handy for busy days. I can sketch in my classroom as students work on their projects. On a good day, I can finish all my work responsibilities by clock out time, come home and watch/play with my sons until bed time, and then work in my studio for a few hours as my family sleeps. It’s not a perfect plan but it’s a good start to become more productive when it comes to my craft. Read more>>

Dinetria Davis | Sweet Treats; Custom Designs & Arrangements

My work life balance has been very challenging. Sometimes I’ll start to feel a little overwhelmed, but then I’ll tell myself that the reward is after all my labor. Because I love what I do, I tend to always find relief, there is peace in dipping! LOL, yes I said it. Covid has really kept D&D busy. I realized that if I just think about the balance then I’ll be a little on the edge. However if I stop, breathe, step back, think, and then react my work life balance works out just right. Read more>>

Miguel Ávila | Artist & Designer

I remember when the concept of Opportunity Cost was discussed in class, I think it was high school. I could not stop thinking about it. To this day, it often crosses my mind when taking decisions. It may be a simple question like, what am I giving up now to have this? or, is this the best use of my time right now? I’d like for my day to be 34 hours long but that’s not possible, so, the key is not to stress too much, set up the pieces the best way you can on the various ‘game boards you are playing on’; those can be family, work, health, money, etc, and do your best every time you are facing that particular board. You have to make a conscious effort not to forget about any of those games, balance it out as much as possible yes. Personally I don’t expect to achieve overwhelming victories in all of them, I just try to play a decent game. Read more>>

Shakwanna Hadnott | Minister and Nonprofit Organization Founder and Director

Perfectly imbalanced…I think I am well on my way to the acceptance of this idea. Show me the person that has it all figured out when it comes to the notion of balance and I will reassure you they are telling you fibs. The most important part of my life is my faith in Christ and because of this I tend to use it as a guide for every other area in my life. My husband, Lawrence Hadnott, and I are the founding pastors of a local church community, The Church of True Conviction. In addition, I am the founder and director the nonprofit organization, Yes, I’m All That! Foundation which demands much of my time, however, family and home life gets the most of my time and attention. I am the proud parent of 5 beautiful children so balance is more of an idea, however, I rely on my faith to help me remain focused on things that are most important. Because of my faith, I understand that nothing was built in one day and rest is super important. Read more>>