We asked the community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us. Check some of those out below.

Mike Thakur | Founder & Podcaster

Be amazing! As we started to grow the business and think about values, ideas and guiding principles that would help us understand who we wanted to be, how we wanted to treat the customers we served and what kind of experience we wanted to deliver, the overriding current in our sea of thought was that we just want to ‘be amazing’. We don’t think of ‘amazing’ in terms of delivering outrageous or unsustainable amenities or benefits every day, but we do think of it in terms of delivering every interaction in a way that leaves the people we serve feeling as though they received amazing service, or an amazing experience. From little things like remembering guests names, to chatting over business, mentoring, coaching, encouraging or inspiring, we intentionally work hard to be something more than most people typically expect in any given business interaction. Read more>>

Todd Nesloney | Educator, Author & Speaker

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead For decades this has been my favorite quote. Every time I read it I get chills. Just knowing that it really does only take one or a few of us. Change doesn’t only happen when those in charge or when large groups get together. Each of our voices matter. We can change the world with what we put out into the world. This quote has been a guiding force for me to always be thinking about how if what I’m doing is making the world better or not. Though I still often find myself doubting my own gifts and abilities, I hold onto the belief that what we do matters. That even if it’s one life we’ve impacted and changed, that could be ripples that are felt decades down the road. Read more>>

Verna Caddie | Expert Etiquette Coach Caddie

My favorite quote is: I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Read more>>

Teia Acker-Moore | Owner

“It was enough to make me cry, but not enough to make me quit”. I heard this quote almost 10 years ago from a pastor by the name of Jacquelyn McCollough. At the time, I had no idea how powerful her statement would be as the years would come. As years past, I discovered that this quote was a part of my journey. It thusly propelled me to withstand the test of times while building a platform for others to stand as well. Read more>>