The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Andrew Campbell | Fashion Designer & Writer

Other than deciding to work for myself the most important decision I made that contributed to my success was realize that what I am doing was not just for me. This was bigger than me. The passion I had to express myself publicly was frightening, but my soul purpose was to touch those around me far and near. I knew that what I was doing would inspire the world. Read more>>

Kim Stephens | Jam, jelly & pickle maker

A very important step I made sure to take was doing my research on the legalities of running a Texas Cottage Food Business. There is a lot to keep up with to do it properly. Also, deciding that I would try to put as much effort into “the look” of my booth and labeling as I did the content of the jars. I take great pride in being the jam maker that tries new things and then makes sure that the packing matches that product. Read more>>

Rob Arteaga | Marriage Counselor

The fact that I decided to carve out a niche for my work has been a great contributor to my success. Today there are many therapists in town but there are very few that specialize in working with couples and in Spanish. There is a large demand for these professional services and I feel privileged to serve my community in a way that improves their lives in a meaningful way. Read more>>