Webster doesn’t know everything. Some words can’t be defined by a dictionary. Rather they are defined by our values, ethos, and principles. We asked hidden gems from the community about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Imani Le’Dai | CEO – WaistedbyImaniLedai

I define success in many ways. For my full time job working in the mental health field, success is when my clients are able to successfully take what we discuss, apply it to their lives and see a change. For my small business, WaistedbyImaniLedai, success is defined by the people that I am able to impact through it. I have met so many waisted babes who say “Girl your leggings make me want to get up and go to the gym” and not long after their tagging Waisted in their gym photos looking amazing!” More women are thinking about their health and WaistedbyImaniLedai is a part of that journey. This makes me happy. This is success. Read more>>

Zain Bhai | Blogger @brosinbowties

We live in a world right now that praises hustle culture, and where most people are longing for enormous amounts of money. And although there is nothing wrong with that mindset, it’s just not for me, because there will always be someone who has more money than you, so I can’t tie my feeling of success to something tangible like money. I define success as being able to wake up every day, look in the mirror, and be proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished. I define success as being happy. I look at success as a journey, not a destination. Read more>>

Toju Sunmola | Fashion Designer, Nail Technician and a Serial Entrepreneur.

I define success simply as the ability to do whatever makes me happy and brings joy without negatively affecting any body else. Though it might be difficult for some to find these thing(s), while it comes to other easily, whichever end of the spectrum one finds themself, alway remember to find joy in the process; for the journey sometimes is more satisfying than the end result. I love what I do, I find joy designing fabrics, nails etc and that to me is success. Read more>>

Skeptik Nation | Punk Band

Our idea of success is having financial stability while doing what you love. Read more>>

Miguel Gobert II | Mixed media Visual artist who also goes by the name of D’uss3

I define success as being at peace with yourself. Most people idea of success revolves around the amount of money a person has and that’s fine for them but for me money comes and goes. So being able to inspire different people to be a better version of themselves, while also being better version of myself, and making memories and making the most out of life is the definition of success to me. Read more>>

Jaime Villanueva | Jay the investor

I define success by breaking generational curses, breaking bad habits or barriers. And what I mean by barriers is things that hold you back we must break the cycle we live in in order to get outcomes we’ve never gotten before ! Read more>>

Verlincia Willams Vikki Grodner | Houston Agent and Team Lead & RE Broker

Vikki – I believe that in life and in business it is vitally important to create a life of meaning and service. This has been a standard throughout my career. In our current business — the Hospitality Network Group at Keller Williams — we strive to serve our clients, internally and externally, in achieving their goals and objectives. For our external clients, this means helping them to understand the real estate buying and selling process; to help them achieve their goals in acquiring a property, whether a first home, a forever home or an investment property; and in marketing their property for sale in the most effective way possible. Read more>>