We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Ronald Jones | Artist

Growing up, there were always outside elements that would attempt to steal the happiness I felt I possess and would oftentimes latch onto as if for dear life. I didn’t enjoy school very much because it always seemed that I would either have to pretend to be someone else or become a hyperextension of myself to make friends or become likeable. In those moments I was often taken advantage of, taken for granted, or made to feel small or foolish. I would find myself, from a very young age, very stressed out. I would get nosebleeds throughout my childhood and adolescence due to the level of stress I seemed to always exist within. When I was very young I would draw the cars I saw at the repair shops my dad owned. When I got older I drew cartoons with my sister Kathy. When I found skateboarding, it was like I found a friend within whom I could really openly invest myself in without fear of ridicule or oppression. Read more>>

Tina Davis | Owner/Designer

Lifting others up brings me great joy! I find that society places a lot pressure on women and girls to look a certain way. It is an unrealistic goal and a totally contrived idea. Thank goodness, Me Too is happening – giving power back to women to express themselves freely and not feel pressure to be what others think they should be.  Lots of women come into my shop feeling a little self conscious when it comes making fashion choices. I love helping them find their personal style and giving them the confidence to wear fun things. Fashion is all about being yourself. I get a great sense of accomplishment when a client leaves standing a little taller and more proud of who she is and how she presents herself. That’s a great day’s work for me!. Read more>>

Kime Conley | Artisan

Peace makes me happy. With peace, I find that life is bearable and even enjoyable even in the hard times. Read more>>

Kira Martin | Photo Booth Owner & Operator

Besides spending time with my family working my photo booth at events makes me happy. Everytime I’ve gone out it’s been a great experience. I truly enjoy seeing everyone smiling and laughing when they walk away from the booth. Read more>>

Kristana Baisden | Styledby.NinaRo$$

Giving back truly makes me the happiest. The feeling I get every time I’m able to make a contribution or help someone bring a mass amount of joy in my heart. Read more>>