For some it might be a dystopian novel and for others it might be an uplifting memoir, but almost everyone has a book, poem or essay that left a meaningful impact on them. We asked some of the brightest folks around town to tell us about books that have had a lasting impact for them.

IMANI | Singer-Songwriter-Director

The alchemist is my favorite book of all time. I try to reread it every couple of years. It’s a good story that reminds me that life is a journey and things will get hard, but if I don’t give up and I believe in myself all my dreams will come to past. Read more>>

Carly Sowecke | Owner and Designer, Field Study Clothing

I’m an insatiable reader. I’ve loved reading from an early age and always have a book I’m reading and at least one or two up to bat. A few years ago I read Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and I still think about it all the time. Shantaram is a story of an escaped convict who flees to India. The story that ensues is set in Bombay in the 1980’s and it’s absolutely nuts to say the least. But the reason I love this book is because it taught me how to be a better traveller, a more empathetic human, and to really check myself before judging people at first glance. It’s one of my favorite books to recommend to friends because it’s entertaining and has some killer lessons sprinkled here and there. Read more>>

Allison Hicks | Photographer

Atomic Habits. I absolutely love the way this book helped motivate me as well as lead me to a lifestyle of productivity. Working from home can be tough and even lonely. But this book helped set up systems and goals to provide me with a better future. This book was very impactful and an enjoyable read. Read more>>