Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place

Gabriel Theis | Screenwriter & Director

Pursuing filmmaking was never a “choice” that I made, it was never an option that I took. It was “the” option, it was the only thing I pursued because it was the only thing that ever felt right for me. Growing up, I was a shy and introverted kid that had a hard time in social environments. So film, and art in general, was my main form of expression. Watching and making films wasn’t something I just did, it was something as natural to me as anything else. So pursuing it as a career was never a choice I made along the way, because there’s nothing else I ever entertained. I was going to be in this industry, no matter what got in the way, how little money there was to it, or how many rejections and harships I would face. Read more>>

NGHTBYMRNNG | Alternative Duo & Visionaries

We wanted to do this because we knew could do this and that is why we can’t stop until we reach our end goal. Its all we know and we can’t let it go to waste because if you don’t do it somebody else will and we can’t live with that. Read more>>

Allison Cursey | Freelance Makeup Artist

I always had a passion for cosmetic and fashion, but I love the fact I am able to enhance one’s beauty. Read more>>

Rochelle Sloan | Freelance Trumpet Player & Private Lesson Instructor

From a young age, I loved to dance, draw, paint, and make music. Honestly, my spark for a career in music ignited as soon as I found out it could actually be a real job. I am blessed that my parents and educators encouraged me to audition for music schools and scholarships to make my passion for the arts more than a hobby. The faith of a few people and my natural love of all things creative was the perfect formula for pursuing a career as a freelance musician. And now, the unique opportunities I get to make a living expressing myself with other humans is what brings me (and hopefully those around me) harmony and unity in this chaotic and divisive world. Read more>>

Ryan Rongone | Pro Musician/Trombonist

The road less traveled. Wanting to prove all the naysayers wrong. The fact that I always have a song in my head…. There are countless reasons, but I think it comes down to three primary reasons for me. The first is the challenge. Excellence in music was/is extremely hard. Many things came naturally for me but not music. I had/still have to bust my butt for every inch of progress. But I love it. Achieving a level of mastery at anything is an incredible feat. You sacrifice a lot and spend thousands of hours alone in a practice room in order to reach it. So when you play something really well, especially when it was once very difficult, the sense of accomplishment is incredibly satisfying. Knowing you just played the snot out of a piece is ALMOST better than sex. The second is the emotional aspect. Music has made me laugh, cry, reminisce, sing out loud, burst into dance, and so much more. Read more>>

Alan Michael. | Wardrobe Stylist

The opportunity of being able to create; just imagine having something in your mind that only you can conceive and then one day you’re living in the present of that thought. That’s magic; that’s manifestation and it’s the reason I chose to pursue an artistic/creative career. I tried every avenue that was considered a “road to success” to the standards of the world but it just didn’t work. Going through certain things made me realize my true purpose and then started building from there. Read more>>

Jillian Hill | Freelance Artist

I chose to pursue an artistic career because I couldn’t see myself doing anything else other than something I actually loved to do. Before I switched my major to art the beginning of my freshman year in college, I was a pre-pharmacy major. When I was younger, I had been stuck on the idea that I would be a pharmacist and be successful and impact peoples life’s. I had prepared most of high school years to pursue a career in the medical fields. I interned at the Memorial Herman Hospital, and an Walgreens pharmacy. When I interned it was pretty nice at first. After spending my senior year interning at Walgreens pharmacy, I started to see the job for what it really was. I felt bored and uninterested in what I was doing. I went on to take my test to become a certified pharmacy technician which I failed. After I failed my test I knew I needed to do what I loved and not what I thought would determine me as being successful. Read more>>

Adriel Faith | Artist & Producer

My whole life it’s been my dream to somehow be involved in the artistic and creative side of things. But the main reason I decided to pursue this career is because I knew my voice needed to be heard. Because there’s so many people going through what I went through or that just need a sense of hope and encouragement. Read more>>

Johnny Wesley | Chef/ Ice Cream Wizard!

I’ve always looked at things in different ways than most. I don’t take things for what they are but rather what they could be!. Read more>>

Kristopher Garner | Music Producer

It was just something I felt drawn to. I’ve always felt like I’ve had a creative side that I loved expressing. I feel like being able to express myself creatively can really be therapeutic and it’s how I best express who I am as a person. So why not be creative as a career? Do something I love and be able to do it for a living. Read more>>

Jasmine Doyle | JazzItUp Yard Signs

I always have had an eye for decorating. So once I seen there was not many companies in my area with yard signs. I started my research and took a leap of faith. We specialize in themes. I love when clients message us and have a theme for any celebration. I break out into my creative craft. Read more>>

My’key Iso | Hop Hop Artist

I always had a way in expressing myself as a child. I fell in love with music and wanted to be able to create my own music by telling my stories. I was very talkative but had problems expressing my emotions to others when talking. I felt music was that outlet for me. Whatever I’d go through I’d talk about it in a song and it’s been the best way to express myself. Read more>>