Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Ana Zelaya | Florist & Baker

Honestly this was something I didn’t imagine would take off for me! I was always a creative person, but never thought I would use my creativeness to start a small business. The whole idea came about February 2020 during Valentines season, I thought to myself I need a “side hustle”. With Love Day being around the corner maybe I can think of something people will enjoy and I did! DIPPED STRAWBERRIES AND CHEESCAKES!!! It was trending so why not try. Read more>>

Jordan Garcia | Co-owner & Head Baker of Gut-friendly Bread

It all started while in a food science class in college two months before the pandemic. God spoke to me and told me to open my book to a specific chapter and read about specialty bread. It was there I learned about sourdough. That next weekend I had a dream about the plans of my business to sell sourdough bread in farmer’s markets, and to educate people on the benefits of fermentation. Bread eaten the right way is beneficial to everyone, but the heart of my drive is people with diabetes like my wife. Read more>>

Shyann White | Boutique owner

My name is Shyann and for years I was always inspired by fashion. As a young college kid I would board the bus and visualize myself selling women clothing. Stores such as Fashion nova ,forever 21, and Zara inspired me the most. I always whispered to myself “I can do that” and dreamed of having my own store. I then decided to name my business after my sister because intuitively that’s the name that was suitable. I’ve tried other names but Sade’s collection is the one that sticks. Over the past few years I only dreamed of starting my own business until the year of 2019, I decided to make it my reality. Read more>>