Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Adam Gorelick | Teacher, Chef, owner

My wife and I already had opened 1 successful small restaurant, Noe’s crepes coffee and tea, and realized that we could do a good job as restauranteurs. COVID shook up a lot of things during it, and when it first hit we had no idea how we would survive. When the pandemic hit, we decided to try and sell delivery Thai food out of the coffee shop and people really loved what we made. Further, into the pandemic, the restaurant had failed in the space we took over. It was a crazy idea to be opening a new restaurant in the height of COVID but my wife and I were willing to risk it. We are glad that we did, it seems we are coming to an end our restaurant is becoming more successful every day. Read more>>

Rashanique Williams | Rashanique, the Writer

I was forced to build my own business, the 9 to 5 rat race wasn’t for me. The rats that worked with me at these mundane occupations told me everyday that I didn’t fit in with Non-profit /Corporate America.
Non-Profit Corporate are non-profits who operate like blood sucking corporations. Read more>>

Vismita, Shiela & Visak Varghese | Bollywood Dancer, Certified Personal Trainer, Nurse Practitioner & Yoga Instructor

In 2004, our family hopped on a flight to America. ✈️ In 2008, our mom suffered a major neck and shoulder injury from a car accident. In 2013, our dad had a heart attack. We being kids, hadn’t even graduated college and both our parents had major health issues. Fast forward to when I was 18 🎓, we started doing Bollywood cardio & strength pop-up classes, and kid’s classes. In Dec 2019, after the outpouring support from the community, we opened our studio doors, at the age of 19. Three months later, COVID-19 hit. 7 months later into 2020, our father left us. During this time, we were hurting as a family and a small business. We wondered how the stigma of parental separation in our culture would affect our business. We realized everyone had a battle they were fighting. Read more>>