It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea.  So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Londen Underwood | Life & Image Coach

My business originally started as an image consulting company. While working with clients, I observed how their self-esteem and confidence affected the outcome of how they felt when shopping. I realized that the clients with lower self-esteem and confidence, would not look in the mirror or did not believe that they should purchase attractive clothing because of the way they looked. I found myself mostly encouraging and coaching them during shopping trips and fittings to see the beauty within and out. Read more>>

Ariana Ford | Thrifter of Closets, Personal Shopper & Stylist

My online consignment boutique began as a detailed concept a couple of years before it came to life in the living room of my one bedroom apartment during Hurricane Harvey. I’d always envisioned myself running my own business that focuses on empowering women. I had a bazillion wild thoughts on what kind of business until inspiration arrived in the form of a family member with a remarkable resale business. I even recalled experience from a brief moment in my life where I worked at a consignment shop and learned quite a bit from the owners. Read more>>

Hana Ahmed | Owner & Baker of Happy Hana Cakes

Ever since I was young, I loved cooking and baking. I would buy new cookbooks from book sales held by my school or the Sunday market and try out new and exciting recipes. I even used to try out some of my Nani’s (grandmother) recipes, one of my favorites was her marble cake recipe. As I got older, my love for baking increased especially as I learned to decorate cakes and other desserts; decoration is half the fun of baking! I am a self-taught baker and gained more practice as I started baking my sisters and my own birthday cakes. Eventually I got my first order from a friend and realized I could sell my treats and creations. Read more>>

Kristi Davis | Mompreneur, Legal Professional, Food Blogger

We all know the age old saying “love what you do and you’ll never work another day in your life.” But do we really put that into motion in our lives? I’d say more often than not, we don’t, and I am definitely guilty of that. However, Pour Decisions Wine Society was born from that exact thought process – loving what we do! I have been blessed with a wonderful group of friends that enjoys getting together over food and wine. What started as a way to share our love of wine together and learn more blossomed into a business. Read more>>

Shantelle Jackson | Founder of The Studio FORM

I knew that I always wanted to create a business that gave back to my community. Giving back has always been the number one driver in my life. When I found the Lagree method, I realized how quickly Lagree can transform one’s life for the better, not just physically but mentally too. Our method is always challenging whether it’s your first class or 100th, making it build your mental toughness. So creating a fitness boutique that practices the Lagree method AND gives $5 back, from each client that purchases a class, to Houston’s local charities was a perfect pairing. Read more>>

Sara Wilson | Dance technician and Choreographer

It was all my husband and 2 of my good friends! I used to be a high school dance team director and absolutely loved my job. But, when I had my second child and my first child started kindergarten, I resigned so I could focus on them. I took a year off and missed teaching horribly! My husband and friends suggested that I do my own thing. My thoughts were “yeah right. Who on earth would hire me?” Well, one of my director friends asked me to come work with her team. Then another director heard about me and had me come in. Then, 2 of her friends had me come in. It kind of took off from there! Read more>>