We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Gabrielle Ramirez | Registered Dietitian and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist

The thought process behind starting my nutrition private practice was two-fold. 1) I saw a need for more dietitians with diverse backgrounds to support those going through eating disorder/disordered eating recovery. 2) I was eager to have flexibility that allowed me to spend more time at home with my family while still doing the work that I love. Read more>>

Natalya Stanley, Dominique Ellis, Trevoris McIntosh | Kloudz Mobile Hookah Crew

From small town dreams, to big city investments, Dominique, Natalya, and Trey are longtime friends from Greenville, MS who recently moved to Houston and Dallas for better opportunities. After a while, we realized that we wanted to become our own bosses, but didn’t know which route to pursue. Read more>>

Winnie Nyatome-Warner | Wedding & couple Photographer

while in college, I quickly learned that I am not one to give up on goals that I have set. one of those goals was to never take morning classes because I am the worst morning person. so when I started my big girl job in 2017 I soon realized getting up early to work for someone was not for me. I was constantly tired and barely enjoying breathing. I started dreaming of having a job where I get to make my own schedule & be able to sleep in. Read more>>

Matt Issa | REALTOR® Associate at COMPASS RE

I came from the world of Academia where everyone in my family holds at least a B.S. degree or more. It was one of the scariest things that I have proudly done in my life. At times I was going back and fort and where I stood with my decision. Today, I am proud and happy with the decision of becoming an entrepreneur and a business owner. Read more>>

KeSwonda Kee” Burist | Owner of Xpressive Trendz”

When I started my business 2 years ago, my thought process was what could I sell that fit me and the economy. I chose to start a children’s clothing boutique, because as I was looking at everyone selling adult clothes, but I hardly seen anyone selling children clothing besides the major brands like Justice. So, I started doing my research on how to start my own children’s boutique. Read more>>

Christina Griffin | Photog and Creative Director

We have both wanted to work for ourselves for a long time, and photography was where we were headed from the get go. Richard has had a camera in his hands for a couple of decades, and Christina has a gift for setting the scene and finding truly unique venues and ideas for sessions. It was a great combo. Read more>>

Reneé Wells | Music Artist

When I decided to pursue music professionally, I didn’t think it would be equivalent to beginning my own business and brand.. I just knew I was ready to share my music with the world. So I would say in that aspect, I was definitely unprepared. Read more>>

Marquita Gray | Owner, Chef

In simple terms Legacy. Going through my grieving process with the loss of my father, Michael Henry Gray Sr. (Big Mike), I had a dream about me standing in the middle of the store with my father picture on the shelves. I started to process that vision as my inheritance it was all I could think about and I decided to share that vision with my mother, Mary Joyce Gray, my partner and right hand man. Read more>>

Tiffani Hartley | Vegan Chef & Influencer

We all want to live a full and healthy life and I knew that in order for me to do that, I had to make a couple lifestyle changes. One of which was to become a vegan. You will cherish your business as if it were your own when your goal, cause, or purpose is greater than you and something you are wholly dedicated to. Read more>>

Christopher Aguirre | Owner/Operator

My thought process was simple, I wanted to provide a service that was equal or greater to most shops in my area. I have been turning wrenches for nearly 20 years now. I have seen my own family being treated dishonestly at some shops. I told myself that I can do so much better on my own and provide a far superior service to people for a fair and decent cost. Read more>>

Jose Martinez Jr. | Owner & Mechanic at Jose Auto Hobby Shop.

Well, this business was actually passed down to me from my father. He ended up having a stroke at the shop about 8 months ago that almost ended his life but I thank God for the paramedics getting to him just in time. I mean, he’s 73 years old with all kinds of health issues and currently his body allows him to do only so much. Now it’s time for me to step up and takeover the family business. Read more>>

Jordyn Wright | Entrepreneur, Youth Advocate, & Author

I started my business when I was ten because I had a skin condition called eczema. At that age I often went into shops and looked at the colorful and fragrant bath and body products that they had. I used to ask my mom to buy them for me all the time. Read more>>

Courtney Smith | Carpenter

Initially when I thought about starting it was only to do vanities. I had just created one for my lil sister from some scraps and some wood I bought because she asked if I could. I’m not the one to turn down a challenge lol. So, I built it and posted it to Facebook. Read more>>

Benaiah Poindexter | Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist & Business Mentor

The thought process behind starting my own business was founded in the idea of freedom. I attended undergrad at Bowie State University, and graduate school at the University of Maryland University College to complete my Masters of Business Administration. My intention was always to open a business in the future and take my skillset to the masses. Read more>>

Brooklyn Clark | Photographer & Communications Director

I have loved photography for over 10 years. I worked at a photography studio through college and intended on working there full time afterwards. It was a mix of “I’m sick of building someone else’s brand and name” thoughts and also the fact they couldn’t take me on in the capacity that I wanted. I took only a few small clients at first and then fully decided to launch my business about a year after. If you can make money doing something you love, then why not? Read more>>

Cassie Smith | Artist and Owner, Nest and Hive Home

I am a single mom and self taught artist who has always had a eye on the green side of design. I love vintage and antique furniture that has a modern twist on it, and art that is abstract and modern. I started my business out of my garage and it has grown and grown over the last year. Read more>>

Kid Styles | Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator. Cartoonist, Custom Painter & Muralist

I have been an artist all my life and as I attended school, I would always have a drawing pad, markers and pencils with me. My art was on my folders and clothes so classmates started to ask and pay for me to draw for them. When I got to high school I became the school artist. Read more>>

Rashamir Sims | Owner & Educator

The Covid-19 pandemic. Like most people I enjoyed going to movie theater. However, when the pandemic occurred that made it very limited to do. So I decided why not bring the movie theater experience to your home. Whether its a movie night with family or if you simply want to host an event ElevatedSims Entertainment is it! Read more>>

Katrina Staggers | Spa Owner

My initial thought was “I never want my livelihood to be in someone else’s hands again”. For years I took care of my grandfather and over those years I had been laid off or let go from jobs I had been on and been loyal to. The responsibility of taking care of someone just puts you in a different mindset. I never wanted to be put in a situation where I could not financially provide for him or myself. So, after a layoff, and receiving a severance I decided to use that money to start K&R BODYSOLUTIONS in 2018. Read more>>

Fahad Ibrahim | A full time Corporate Officer and part time lifestyle blogger

The major reason behind this was, providing affordable beauty attire to the youth. Handling school, tuitions, and extra activities, teen should have a place where they can have there favorite clothes in the limited pricing Read more>>