There is a wealth of academic research that examines the impact perspectives on risk have on people’s lives and career. While the academic inquires are interesting and provide some value, in our view hearing directly from people about how their views on risk taking have affected their own lives is very enlightening. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Richard Lerma | Seriel Entrepreneur

Risk taking is something that we all do, right? Whether we know it or not, we all subconsciously make decisions that we’ve already thought long and hard about, played it over and over in our head and ended up making the decisions that we made because it benefited our dreams. Risk taking is what goal oriented people do on a daily basis because without doing so we would have achieved nothing. Lerma Lab a skincare company, has always been something in the back of my mind for years. I worked as an Art Director for an international beauty brand a long while ago and fell in love with the whole industry. Read more>>

Hannah Armstrong | Creator of Botanical Goods

For me it’s important to represent my business in a way that aligns with my values. Behind the scenes it’s a slow process sourcing responsibly, and something that I dedicate a lot of time to. It’s frequently costlier than the alternatives on the market, but in my mind there’s not much risk there. It does drive up the cost of what I make which could alienate potential customers, but I’ve found that there’s a huge demand for ethically made clean candles and body products. A risk I’ve taken to address the accessibility issue is by launching a Pay What You Can price model this past April, so that folks with reduced income, people who’ve been laid off, and others can still find comfort in a candle. Read more>>

Kristin Coronado | Entrepreneur & Author

I think risk is an essential part of unlocking the next phase of your life. You can choose to continue your daily routine and just day dream of what your life could be like…goals you can attain….where your career will be in the future, or you can actually take a risk and take things into your own hands. Everything I have ever accomplished has come from overcoming my fears, believing in myself and taking a risk. Whether it was continuing my education, getting a job a huge corporation, quitting that job, starting a business, writing a book, it all stems from taking a risk. Read more>>

Ria Allen | Master Stylist and Salon Owner

Taking risk is never easy. I believe in the saying, No risk, No reward”. If you want something bad enough I think you should step out on faith and go for it. If you don’t try how will you ever know. And thats with any business, not just hair salons. I honestly didn’t think I was capable but with the right support and lots a prayer I said why not. I can either do this and possibly fail or can not do this and always wonder what if. I’d had many ups and downs and trials along the way but i wouldn’t change a thing. This was the best think I could have ever done. Read more>>

Sadaf Khan | Senior Lead Designer for Layla Love Designer Events

There is no success without risk. There it is. It’s as simple as that. I started Layla Love Designer Events 8 years ago with a plan. Did I think my plan was going to succeed against all odds? No. I had my challenges. First – Evaluating your future success against your current success/and or plateaues. Family, kids, finances – Does it add up? Are you going to break barriers, and push boundaries that you have become accustomed to. If your answer here is no – Than success is going to be a hard find. Secondly – You’re going to fall. Get your knee pads out, and wear them with pride. Read more>>

Elva Trevino | Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Public Speaker

We all have a purpose while we’re here. Taking bold risks that go beyond an instinct have led me to some incredible places in my life. Risk is necessary to break generational curses, to break outdated mindsets and most importantly to rise into the leaders we were born to become. The faster we DECIDE to be better, do better, help others better, the faster we learn that taking risks are necessary to lead others by example. We all need each other to step it up. I took a risk playing sports with severe asthma. I took a risk every time I went into one of my 13 kidney surgeries. I took a risk racing in my first 70.3 mile race while I was sick. I took a risk building a business as a single mom and to actualize a vision that only I could. Read more>>

Skye Alexis | DIY Crafter

Life is all about taking risks. The fear of uncertainty often keeps someone from taking a leap of faith and just going for it. January 2020, I made one of my goals for 2020 to put my full heart, time and effort into Sawdust & Glitter for an entire year. Ever since S&G was created in 2015, I would go on a roller coaster of being invested in my company when I had the extra time to spare, rather than making it a priority consistently. I set my goal to invest fully for an entire year, to see what difference a solid, hardworking year would make. Read more>>

Michelle Martinez | Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Risk. The single most scary thing about business and entrepreneurialism. There’s a big difference between “just take a risk” and “taking a calculated risk”. Calculated risks are the scarier but most rewarding. It means jumping in while trying to predict outcomes based on known variables. Which is not always clear in most cases. The role that risk taking has taken has been massive not only in my career but in my personal life. I think about risk. Often. In more cases than I like to admit the thought of risk will scare me into inaction. I can’t be that woman anymore. I can’t stay stagnant because something feels comfortable or the outcome is known and familiar. Read more>>

Good Hope Studios | Ceramics and Drawings by Kimberly Rumfelt and Blake Kennedy

This question is appropriately timed. Recently, due to the on going pandemic and public health crisis, we have become a one-income household. Although, we hope this is temporary, it has forced us to re-evaluate priorities and provided an opportunity to consider the value of time. Plans were already in place to build a new studio space at our home before the onset of the current pandemic. After receiving notice that one of us would be furloughed we had to seriously consider the financial risk of moving forward with the building project. Ultimately, we made the decision to continue with the studio build. Read more>>

Kaylee Mcgilbery | Tattoo artist

My life is all about taking risks. Almost all of my huge decisions in life are based off of signs or that gut feeling. Life is meant for going for the jump without knowing what’s at the bottom. Sometimes we are victors and other times we aren’t. But we have to put ourselves in that position because if we don’t then we aren’t really living life to the fullest. Risks are in fact risky. There’s no doubt about that. But they can bring us the most rewarding things in our life. Read more>>

Meka Lewis | Small Business Owner, Wife & Mother

You really have to put one foot in front of the other and start on your journey. There is going to be experimentation along the way. I’ve always felt that there was something rather exciting about taking risks. And there’s a great saying, actually, that you only learn when you are at risk and I’m fascinated by both risk and learning. This has led me to take on challenges that some may say “you can’t do that, that’s just impossible.” No, not to me! Read more>>

Nicole Jones -Scott | Owner of Posh Body Studio and Posh Furniture and Design

I feel that risk taking is a part of the process for advancing your business. I myself have read many success stories of people who have taken risks good or bad who’ve become successful. One day, I thought to myself, how will you ever know the potential of your business without taking any risks. I am not new to entrepreneurship, but 2 years ago I decided to resign from my career of 20 years to focus on family and grow my businesses. I knew that resigning would come at a great risk that would test my faith and strength. Read more>>

Holly Charles, M.A. | Author, Speaker and Founder, President & Playwright of Houston Play On Purpose

The word ‘risk’ has such a negative connotation. Many only consider the potential downside of taking risks. I am in no way a daredevil, thrill-seeking risk taker, but I do believe that risk taking is a necessary step towards self-fulfillment. If I only pursued what I knew was guaranteed, I wouldn’t have accomplished much. I’ve had many missteps, but they have taught me more than success ever could. Read more>>

April Ann Kohlmeyer | Shash Lifestyle Co-Owner and Designer

When Iris approached me for a follow-up interview with Voyage Magazine, I was again flattered. It made me pause and really take a look around at how far Shash has come in what is now a relatively short period of time. I was given a list of potential topics to discuss, and I can now confess that the one I chose is the one I least wanted to take on. The question is on risk-taking… “How do you think about risk, what role has taking risks played in your life/ career.” (Gag)…is how I think. But as I’ve come to understand about life in general, the place that seems the hardest to enter is most likely the avenue that you should take. Read more>>

Angelica Sammons | Chef/Owner

I have been in the restaurant industry a long time at this point, started at the bottom, worked my way up. One thing i’ve learned is it is a really tough business to be in with the best conditions. It’s a risky venture for anyone, big franchise or a little Mom and Pop shop. I knew what I was getting into the first time I stepped out on my own. I knew there was a good chance of failure. The first location did pretty well, We had the usual ups and downs, it eventually expired despite my best efforts. Structural issues in our building forced my hand and we walked away. It was heartbreaking. That “failure” was a lesson on what not to do next time or to have a contingency plan at the very least. Read more>>

Marisol Graham | Artist & Entrepreneur

I try to take calculated risks as much as possible, but sometimes I do take a leap of faith. When I was first featured in Voyage Houston July of 2019, my focus was on my children decor textile designs. We recently changed the Name of the company from The Paper Carousel to Baxter Graham Kids. This was a calculated re-branding to have it coincide with the introduction of our new hand bag line Baxter Graham. It was also a leap of faith as we have established a customer base from the last 4 years under the brand of The Paper Carousel. Changing over all of our branding to reflect the new name and re-establishing a new website. Read more>>

Kelsey Young | Baker

Taking a risk is essential to succeed..whether it’s in your career or just life in general. We get so comfortable in our norm and play it safe but you don’t truly grow or become successful until you break past that point and take a risk. Moving 12 hours away to Houston..going to culinary school…starting my own business..these are all risks that I took to pursue my dreams and although they were scary I know they were necessary in order for me to be where I am today. Read more>>

Shekina Wiley-Sattiewhite | Human Resources Bridge Builder & Non-Profit Director

For me, risk is a necessary step to become the person you were meant to be. Risk is the catalyst to realize your greatness. On the other side of risk is the reward. The reward comes in the form of achieving the goal, lessons learned and the realization you can push yourself to reach heights you would’ve never though possible. In my life every time I’ve taken a risk I’ve never regretted it. I’ve always learned, I’ve always grown. I’ve taken risks in my profession by pursuing positions at other companies that were a stretch for me and in taking roles that were not comfortable for me in scope. Read more>>

Demetra King | Eyelash Extension Technician

I have an optimistic feeling about risk. I would consider myself to be a conscious risk taker just to see what I can attain but I do feel if the risk can provide a great reward I’m more than willing to go for it. Risk taking has played a great deal in my small business Lashed by Lashae. From maintaining a steady client base to relying on word of mouth more than marketing.  Don’t get me wrong marketing is an important factor when running a successful business and I’m guilty of getting too busy at times to market and promote. Read more>>

Malek Binns | Founder, Celebrity Cake and Cookie Artist, Author, and Influencer

Taking risks is exactly like conquering your fears. Taking a risk to achieve a goal requires courage to face the fear of uncertainty. I love taking risks, I am all about faith over fear, I go all in 100 % and don’t always look back. I took a major risk at the start of my business, when I left my corporate job. I analyze all of the pros & cons, and just took a leap of faith. I am grateful that I have done it, because two years later, I have had so many opportunities, (and more still to come) including having a second golden moment with Voyage Magazine! Read more>>

Kloe Evans | CEO/Founder of Kuts For Christ & Licensed Cosmetology Instructor/Hair Stylist

The way that I interpret risk is quit simple, I look at it as taking a huge step and watching God take the other. As 2 Corinthians 5:7 reads, “For we walk by faith, not by sight”, that’s a constant reminder for me as in this journey I have taken many leaps which could be called risk taking opportunities that has prepared me to be in the position I am in today. By taking risk, there has been so many great opportunities that has presented itself that I am now able to fully walk in my purpose. I would tell anyone to take the risk, and step out in faith because you will never know the blessings or outcome of that discussion. Read more>>

Maxine Morency | Writer, Podcaster and Educator

Risk is essential to living life. For me, life without any risks is a life that is not fully lived. I made the risk to step out of the expected life decisions my parents and some family members had for me. Being a daughter of Haitian immigrants, there is an embedded expectation for me to live my life a particular way: black church abiding, with a “good girl” aesthetic that involves straight relaxed hair, a smile, and a “yes” to anything even if it makes me uncomfortable. In my early 20’s, I made the conscious decision to return to my natural kinks and embark on my natural hair journey; that means cutting my relaxed ends and starting anew with my 4c textured hair. Read more>>

Zetta Denson | Professional Writer

In the beginning years of my business I played it safe. I tried to do everything RIGHT. Risk taking was the furthest thing on my mind. I figured if I followed the path I set out, everything would be great and it wasn’t. I’ve since learned that calculated risks and trying things outside of my norm have brought me success in ways I never could have imagined. Taking risks have opened my life up to some great new experiences recently in both my business and personal life. Read more>>