By far the most common conversation we have with the folks we interview is about work-life balance.  Starting a business or pursuing a creative career makes finding work life balance really tough because there is no clear start and end to one’s work day.  We’ve shared some of our conversations on the topic below.

Andrea Seider | Photographer

Have you ever watched a tight-rope walker or a gymnast on a balance beam? Their work on that tiny strip of safety depends on the highest level of focus, concentration, agility, and strength. They never relax because achieving balance is constant work. It is the flexing of one muscle versus the opposite muscle, back and forth, on and on, forever. Being balanced is not a permanent state. Rather, it is constantly on the verge of tipping one way or the other. This is how I like to think of balance in life. It’s never a perfect state at which you suddenly arrive. It takes work and strategy and the minute you think you’ve got it down, it tips one way or the other. My work/life balance has changed drastically depending on the seasons of my life. Read more>>

Monica Josette | Multidisciplinary Artist and Educator

I think at the beginning of my career I was so focused on “making it” that I didn’t really have a real balance in my life. Everything I did was associated or integral to me building a career path. You know my years in New York City were full of auditions, shows, studio time, and odds and ends jobs to make rent. Even still, all my so called day jobs directly reflected the industry. I was a dance shoe fitter at the flagship Capezio in Manhattan, so even though it was a retail job I was still in my world. As my career took on exciting new endeavors and even new cities my outlook still pretty much stayed the same. It wasn’t until a couple years ago in L.A. after the birth of my son that my perspective shifted and I started to really value and seek out more balance. Read more>>

Tre Rogers | Recording artist & Co-CEO

I believe that balance is extremely necessary when it comes to being able to see the fruits of your labor while staying focused on your end goal. I’ve found that you have to take time out to enjoy moments outside of the industry to appreciate why you have the ambitions and aspirations you have. Balance also gives you the opportunity to find the muses that inspires you to create. I admit that it’s a tough nuance to tackle but hunger and determination fuel your purpose when you struggle with the peaks and valleys we all have to endure on this climb. Read more>>

Shannon Jones | Houston Family Photography Studio

Work life balance is a struggle that all moms face. As a mother to 3, the hardest part of running my business is making the time for both. My career has grown as my children have grown, and I feel that the growth has progressed naturally. As they become more independent, I have been able to devote more time to the studio. But one thing I have to do is plan. My husband and I will sit down at least once a week with our calendars and look at the following week & month. Being a team is essential, and we still have to get babysitters and help from friends and family from time to time. I have learned that I can not do it all, none of us can, and we all need helpers to make life and business run smoothly. Read more>>

Nidia Cuellar | Hairstylist/ Mom

How do you do it? That is a question I get asked every time. How to balance work, being a mom, a wife, maintaining a house. Truth is, I don’t know either, I just do it. It is not an easy thing to juggle everything. I have great days and I have not so good days. What life has taught me, and it has taken some time to soak in, is that there are only so many hours and minutes in a day. Do what you can in what time you can, the best way you can. Now being a hairstylist for 10 years, I can adjust my schedule more. I can prioritize if my children have a school event to take clients until a certain time. I can extend my hours a certain day knowing my husband will handle the fort back at home. It’s a balance that only you can figure out with time. Read more>>

Vizionvry | Writer & Recording Artist

My whole life is about balance. I’m a Libra, so the scales of balance in my life are what determine if I’m on track or not. I’m a firm believer of that. The thing is, overtime I realized if I didn’t have balance, I don’t have order or direction in my life. All I have is chaos. But sometimes, the order turns to chaos, and the chaos becomes beautiful. It’s all about perspective. It took a long time to learn that, but when I did it all made sense to me. I had to weigh what was most important to me in my life, and what it was that I wanted. Now I see it clearly. Once I got to the point where I figured out what I wanted, I knew that no one would ever be able to take that away from me. Read more>>

Rebecca Rodriguez | Baker & Cookie decorator

This question speaks to me, the first year and a half of my business I had absolutely no balance. This made life crazy and exhausting, I had no time for things that I enjoyed or people I love! I knew that if I wanted to really make my business work I would have to find some kind of balance with my personal life. This past February I was finally ready to quit my full time job and dedicate my time to my business and ME! now after a few months of having more time the balance is much better! I understood that balance would make my business better and me happier. Read more>>