What’s been your favorite thing to do during quarantine? Check out some responses from the community below.

Debi Starr | Fine Artist

During quarantine I created beauty as well as sought out beauty around me. I painted pieces with the intent of showing new work rather than simply completing commissions from clients. I looked inward to create outward. I walked Shiloh around the marina each day and felt gratitude for my serene surroundings, cleared my mind of the chaos going on in the world and spent the days making the most beautiful flowers bloom across my canvases. Read more>>

Samantha Loesch | Head of Samantha’s Artistry – Airbrush Makeup & Hair Team

Oh goodness where do I start. Who else feels like they have become a master organizer during the quarantine?! I’d say my house is the most organized it’s ever been! I also started a mini garden on my patio which I am more than ecstatic about! Who knew growing your own basil and mint could be so rewarding? With all this time on my hands, I’ve also learned how to edit video’s and photos, which is definitely an on-going learning experience. And of course, we can’t leave out makeup, hair and beauty blogging! Read more>>

Shenese Davis Colwell | Bariatric Lifestyle & Fitness Coach

My favorite thing to do during quarantine is taking the time to stay connected to the weight loss surgery and fitness community! Now is the best and most perfect time to hone in on building and maintaining great habits that will help us through these stressful and challenging times. Many people are at risk of increased or heightened anxiety and stress that can cause emotional triggers that lead to unhealthy habits or stagnation. I am focusing on making sure that I create and post content that will be helpful and creates positive results! Read more>>

Maeve Eichelberger | Visual Artist & Instructor

My fiance and I are fortunate enough to be spending quarantine in Taos, NM with my family. My parents have some property so we have been building greenhouses, chicken coops and attending to the acequias (water ditches). We have kept so busy working outside the only real time it feels like quarantine is wearing masks and gloves on outings to the grocery store. Read more>>