Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making.  And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck.  We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Longliveadamariz | Rapper

The most important factor is to spread positivity. I strive to make designs that uplift people. Not only that but all the profits I make go directly to me making new music. With that new music I also try to spread positivity as well as a message of hope. It’s all about impacting the people alive to be better and do better, but not only that feel better, which will in return help them live better. Read more>>

Jason Smelser | Intimate Wedding & Elopement Photographer

The most important factor for me has been finding a niche and sticking to that. Of course I believe you should be yourself and in the end you will attract like minded clients. When you are first starting a business, especially with photography, you can be tempted to go in so many different directions. I feel strongly about choosing a specialty and sticking to that so that people will know what you are about. Another simple but equally important strategy is showing only my best best work. Like the saying goes, put your best foot forward. Be yourself! Read more>>

LaKitia Woodard | Self Awareness Expert & Sister Coach

In my business, we value transparency, because I share my personal journey and techniques that helped me to embrace my purpose. Transparency helps me to connect with my clients and to better support them. I wholeheartedly believe there is power in our testimonies. The power to uplift another woman so she can lean harder on her faith for reaching her breakthrough. Read more>>

Laura Aidan | Founder

Everyone loves liquor and ice cream so of course success was a guarantee! But in all seriousness, I believe a lot of the brand’s success can be attributed to sticking to my vision and always putting the quality of our products as the highest priority. A focus on our craft processes, amazing ingredients and the customer experience has always been a guiding light. We have a tendency to second-guess ourselves, to focus on things that don’t drive us forward, so it is critical to maintain your brand identity and to trust your instincts because it is your vision, investment and passion that drives the growth of the company. I have always had expansion plans but wanted to make sure that I could maintain all of the critical aspects of the experience, have scalable processes in place, excellent training procedures and the ability to attract great talent in the new locations. Read more>>

Gina Su | Owner & Artist

This is a very good question because often times I’m still trying to figure it out… Am I considered successful? I think these are the types of thoughts that creep into every small business owner’s mind. It’s only when I take a step back and look at 2011 Ginably compared to 2020 Ginably, do I see a huge difference. One thing I think that has been imperative for success is having a clearly defined brand identity. I actually went through a re-branding process early this year it I feel like it’s made a world of a difference. When you have a clear direction, it helps customers find you and understand what you’re all about. And another plus side is looking more professional and put together when your packaging and products all fall within this brand identity. Read more>>

Pablo Fabrizio Valle | The Godfather of Networking

The most important factor or factors to behind my success has been to always be persist, continue dreaming bigger dreams, maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), and never giving up. Read more>>

Venisha Arnold | Attorney & Founder

Persistence! As the name of my nonprofit states Persistence is The Key, never give up on your goals, dreams or hopes or whatever it is you want in life, devise a plan and plan your attack and attack your plan! Do what you need to do to accomplish your dreams take it step by step or piece by piece remember as I always say “NEVER SETTLE Persistence is The Key! Read more>>

Gene Barron | Abstract Contemporary Artist

My success as an artist has been due to several different things. A big contributor was learning to develop my brand and network. I have realized, as an artist, that this goes hand and hand with the actual creation of my work. I discovered that the same principles of pushing myself and taking creatives risks in the development of my pieces, apply to the expanding of my brand and to sales. This is essentially a matter of breaking out of my comfort zone and doing things that might have, in the past, made me feel vulnerable or fearful, such as initiating conversations about my art with viewers and learning about how to market my brand and ensure that my work is accessible to collectors. Read more>>

Cedar Stevens | Magickal Potioneer & Botanist

My customers trust my expertise and integrity. They know that I am a stickler for the traditional methods of production and that I am keenly researched on the lore, legend and science of my field. When customers write to me with a question, they will get at least a paragraph, and they trust that if I don’t know, I will say so or find out, often both! Read more>>

Jose Antonio Gomez | Owner Operator

Quality in ingredients, preparation and service French bakery and pastry We serve breakfast and lunch, gourmet coffee, French pastries and bread. Traditional French provisions with an edgy twist, freshly prepared daily with organic ingredients and brotherly love. Breakfast and seasonal lunches include locally grown organic ingredients. Read more>>

Karissa Hubbard | Author, Coach, Speaker & International Certified Christian Counselor

The most important factor hands down is God. He has first gifted me with the skills and ability to write books and has also blessed me with a great support system of people I know and do not know. He is the one constant in my life and continues to bless me so that I can be a blessing to others. Read more>>

Dende | Singer, Rapper, Producer & Instrumentalist

I would say my success is directly linked to me being real. I seem like a real person as apposed to some other people that may seem like they are putting on a personality. I will also say I’m pretty talented and that helps, but also making every fan feel like my friend is a big thing for me. Read more>>

Rob Zambrano | Special Effects & Practical Effects Makeup Artist

I think the most important factors behind my success is not only my ability to get the job done, but to deliver the best quality product that meets and usually exceeds the expectations of the person/company I’m working for. You’re only as good as your reputation so staying on top of every tiny detail is extremely important. The work ethic I work by is: do the kind of work that you would be excited to show others. Read more>>