Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us

Kenny Figueroa | Comedian

The comedic industry is way may than making jokes. I mean as the days get more politically correct it makes coming up with jokes ten times harder cause what can be funny today, might get your ass cancelled tomorrow. Its just a tough industry, you don’t get taken seriously at all, you’re just the class clown, funny guy. Those two things makes this a whole lot harder than it needs to be. Read more>>

SHWANDA FREEMAN | Title Specialist

People don’t understand all the rules in this industry, and these misunderstandings can become costly financially. Example how long do one have to transfer a title? Alot of people feel like if the tags are good then they just ride on them tags until they expire….. wrong. You have 30 days to transfer a vehicle once purchased from an individual after 30 days there’s a $25 penalty for every 30 days you don’t transfer. So if you buy it in June and the tags go out in December so you wait till then to transfer, that will cost you $100 in penalties wasted money. Read more>>

Natasha Tennison | CEO | Founder | President | NLP Therapist | Industrial Organizational Psychologist

Our organization has three priorities: Youth, Family, Community. We support working parents to help bring hope that there are quality, affordable afterschool programs available. Our programs serve K-7th grade students that are designed and directed to ensure that every student is growing socially, emotionally, and academically in a safe, loving, and inspiring environment. Building self-confidence, self-efficacy, and life skills are our mentoring agendas throughout the school year and summer. We support our working parents by establishing community partnerships, memberships, purposeful fundraisers, and grants to help keep our afterschool programs and summer camps affordable, so we can continue offering lower childcare expenses so that families can afford things like vacations, family outings, or other things that can enhance the quality of life, hope and wholeness for the family. Read more>>

Kimberly Dawson | Treat maker/Baker

One thing about my industry that outsiders are probably unaware of is how much work effort and money that is put into our products. Its funny how people think we’re just throwing a few designs on a cookie truth is some designs can take weeks due to other vendors and shipping. Read more>>