We’ve been fortunate to connect with so many brilliant, thoughtful entrepreneurs and creatives and we regularly ask them about the most important lessons they’ve learned over the course of their careers. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Danielle Fairbairn-Bland | Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Author, CEO

One of the most important lessons that my business has taught me is that there is room for everyone to make an impact! There is power in collaborating with other businesses and organizations in order to achieve a collective goal. At Uplifting Hearts Counseling, our goal is to offer quality mental health support to individuals and normalize healing and wellness. We’ve collaborated with other mental health providers and community organizations to raise mental health awareness and dispel the myths associated with mental health support. Through podcasts, community events, workshops, social media events, speaking engagements- we’ve been able to connect individuals to coaches, therapists and healers that can support their healing journey. Our network has grown and we are proud to be able to support other organizations that are aligned with our vision and are making an impact. Read more>>

Mario Jaramillo | Branding Specialist | Entrepreneur | Hip Hop Sophisticate

It taught me to always be a student. Never stop learning. Knowledge is the key to leveling up. The most important lesson is “yourself”. Know who you are, learn how you learn. Figure out what you LOVE to do. Discover what you’re great at. Explore what makes you happy and use that to help the world around you in places it needs support. You’ll discover your purpose in doing so. You will see everything fall into place. Read more>>

Lisa Marie Cruz | Stay at home mom and Business Owner

The most important has been to not believe everything other’s have to say. Many people would tell me “There’s going to be a lot of competition out there because you sell Dulces Enchilados.” That is not true! I am very great friends with many vendors who sell the same thing I do and I do not see it as a competition. We are all trying to provide for our family so whenever they ask me for advice, I truly give them great advice because it’s hard to get out there and make yourself known. Thanks to my business I’ve met incredible and amazing vendors who sell the same thing I do, who I see as really good friends who we can share our victories with. Read more>>

Jeremy Rice | Professional Photographer

There are 3 major lessons that I have learned while working my day job and starting my own business. The first and what I think is the most important lesson is getting out of your comfort zone. We as humans are creatures of habit, once we start a habit we get in a groove and get comfortable. When we are in a comfortable state we tend to start coasting through life and lose sight of what we had originally started working for. Starting a new job or business adds additional stress to your life that will throw you in very uncomfortable situations such as: Read more>>

Tay3K | Media Personality/Event Host

The most important lesson that my buinesness has taught me is “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see” Read more>>

Drurica Butler | Your Doll House CEO

The most important lesson that my business has taught me is that you cannot please everybody. Read more>>