We asked some of the sharpest creatives we know to share their insights with us about how folks can best go about generating a full-time living from their artistic or creative careers.

Charmeka Augustine | Master Hair Extensionist/Salon owner

Charne Day (@glamgirlguide) blogger and photographer

From an assistant to a single mother to now one of the top stylist in Houston now 16 years, this is only the beginning. Fused Hair & Extensions has been my brand for the past 10 years now and it’s only growing day by day. From relaxers to long colorful extensions to beautiful blowouts, my work is epic. Having touched celebs like Cynthia Bailey, Malorie Bailey, LaTavia Roberson, and Erica Mena has only pushed my career to higher heights. Being apart of Fashion Week 3 years strong with the iconic Joshua Omar Johnson really made me find out what force I hold and can show to the world. Rated top 5 salons in Houston via online and now thrusting to more of my upper everyday corporate clientele of high real estate realtors, attorneys, doctors, and more, God is blessing me day to day for more greatness. It’s late nights and early Mornings but I would not have prayed for anything more. The growth is amazing and I’m enjoying each and every experience and making my growing hands something each client will remember. Welcome to Fused Hair & Extensions where each crown is my crown of glory!

About me: I offer weaving and extension services for all clientele from bob lengths to alopecia clients as well. It’s really a joy to transform each client and lift their self esteem. My brand is Fused Hair & Extensions base on ALL types of hair I service “FUSED” all together to make something great

Stacie Zollars | Baker and Cook Book Author, Social Media Manager, Yoga Instuctor

Al Torres Photography

My biggest advice, tell yourself it is about the journey, not the end result. There is always something to be doing when running a business. How it happened was by practicing consistency and reminding myself I only rely on myself to make a paycheck! Sleepless nights were painful in the beginning but after 6 months I finally started to hire help. I contract 4 helpers now to maintain consistency with client accounts as well as mine on the social media side of my business. I did not plan ahead for any of this, it was risky and I taught myself it is a true practice to stay strong minded. I either give up and work for someone else or I work 85 hour weeks to one day work less than 40 having one part of my business run itself. Some of the most important steps I took was planning mentally for the day. I wear 12-20 different hats a day. I edit, I shoot, I market, I post, I’m accounting, I ghost write, I blog, I’m my own PR representative, I am a baker, a cook, writing my second cookbook, negotiator, contract builder, yoga instructor, mentor, boss, girlfriend, daughter, and friend. It is a balance every day to maintain my own business but also to provide exceptional service to my clients as well. I don’t focus so much what the task is, but waking up knowing I have to check everything off my list by the end of the day before I call it a day. Sometimes that means 8pm, others that means 1am. I wake up every day at the same time Sunday-Sunday no matter the amount of work I have. Like Mark Cuban said once, work as if someone is trying to take away your business 24 hours a day.

About me: I am a food content creator, Etsy cookie + gift shop owner, cookbook author, social media expert, and a yoga instructor.