We asked the community to open up to us about their favorite books and we’ve shared some of the responses below.

Taryn Shaffer | Wellness & Mindset Coach

Oh goodness, a favorite book for an avid reader?! Fun fact, I used to read a book a week! As of now my favorite is How to Do the Work: Recognize Your Patterns, Heal from Your Past, and Create Your Self by Dr. Nicole LePera. It has been eye opening on recognizing how experiences and trauma in childhood really shapes our patterns. The way Dr. LePera digs deep on the wounds, how to navigate the truth, and provides real exercises to move forward has been a game changer for me. I have begun to use some of her methods with my clients, and WOW the breakthroughs. A second favorite will always be Atomic habits. The biggest thing I always tell clients is that you have to know where the story/narrative comes from, and forgive the inner child. You cannot know red flags or faulty patterns if that is the environment you were exposed to all along.

About me: I am a holistic health and wellness coach focusing on lifestyle habits to help women unleash their true authentic self. Mixing healing processes, more pleasure, spirit, and support in health/fitness, I help women see their worth to live the life they truly desire.

Ken Underhill | TV Show Host & Executive Producer

Executive Toughness by Dr. Jason Selk A key lesson in this book is the 30 second “life” video, which helps you couple manifestation with laser focus to build the life you want.

About me: I own the Cyber Life television show (available on the Promote Her TV app) and am a cybersecurity executive.